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The Rulership of The Holy Spirit

First lesson: James 4:5
“Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain The Spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?”
Second lesson: Romans 8:13
“For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: hut if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.”
 Golden text: 1st  John 2:27
But the anointing which ye have received o f him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and i s no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

Beloved, this gospel seeks to remind us of our journey. You are a true witness to the fact that it is the Holy Spirit who rules and reigns now. Whoever hitherto did not hear, believe in this fact should now hear, know and believe. 
But the problems confronting the entire world are due to their refusal to abide by His precise advice. 
So, should you find hitherto and constraint on your ways, trace them to your refusal to hearken to God's instructions.  

The peace we talk about at all times is not found in anywhere other than our body.  And this peace could only come our way should we walk according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit. 
The Holy Spirit is the only one who gives you peace, life, wisdom, good health etcetera. 
Therefore beloved, it is the pieces of advice which our friend and relations do give us that do ruin us. The act of emulating people instead of God forms the more reason why we do confront much problems and difficulties. 
God has given us a Teacher, Comforter and an Adviser who knows what is good and bad for us. 
But the problem is that we have bluntly rejected such a one, and have embraced the pieces of advice that come from the flesh.  I am sure this gospel will constitute an eye opener to you and the entire world at large, No one has any effrontery   to teach anyone, rather, we all should allow ourselves to be taught by the Holy Spirit and make sure all His teachings are imbibed and practised.  You are conscious of the fact that in whatever thing we wish to do, we first of all ask the Holy Spirit of God to come and lead us aright for. He was predestined to lead. No matter whom you are, place of origin, place of abode, the position you are placed etcetera, you have just one Leader the Holy Spirit.  Never shall man lead, for the perdition that confronted the people of old was as a result of this very issue.  
The second lesson has enjoined that should we walk according to the dictate of the flesh, we will perish. But should we walk according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit, we shall have life.
The problems confronting the entire world today could be traced to our refusal to abide by the injunctions given us by the Holy Spirit and embracing the advice of man, your family and friends. 
Our main responsibility here in the kingdom is to go into every nook and cranny of the world and alert all and sundry to the fact that it is more blessed to walk according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit at the expense of the dictate of the flesh. 
So anyone who is yet to do this particular assignment but still professes to be a strong Brotherhood member is not a real Brotherhood member.
When Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke of this very thing (to be led by the Holy Spirit), the Holy Spirit did not come. Hence, He (Christ) was bearing eloquent testimonies about the coming of the Holy Spirit. 
Sequel to the sins of Adam and Eve, the world was defiled, hence, the Holy Spirit being undefiled and only dwells in undefiled places, refused to come and dwell on earth. 
But since Our Lord Jesus Christ came, shed His blood and made the world holy and pure again, the Holy Spirit has now come to dwell with man on earth. 
So note that the statement of Our Lord Jesus Christ, "It is finished" signified that the flesh and its works have ceased, since they have been nailed to the cross. 
We are the luckiest of all generations. And we would not have problems if we walked according to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. This explains why He said, “All that ever came before me are thieves. And robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.”  John I0.8.
 The above extract has proven the fact that the people of old were led by the dictate of the flesh. Hence, violence, deceit, fornication, preparation of juju, dispute, idolatry, conflicts, death, hatred, segregation, anger etcetera, abound in the world by then.  This thing happened that way because flesh, being the leader by then, nobody knew the right thing to practise same. 
But since Christ came and died for the remission of sins, the right thing has now been known, hence, the work of the flesh has to be done away with. We should abide by the pieces of advice of the Holy Spirit and make sure we do not blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, for it is said,
“Verily, I say unto you.   All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies where with soever they shall blaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.” (Mark 3:28 - 29)
Our Lord Jesus Christ bore eloquent witness to the fact that at the fullness of time, the Holy Spirit would come. Hence, He said that it is necessary for
Him to depart the earth so that the Holy Spirit may come to us else. He would not come. But the pathetic aspect of it is that the world does not know this fact. 
So, beloved, this is the more reason why He said that heavens and earth shall pass away but no iota of His pronouncements shall pass away without being fulfilled.

Beloved, have you now realised that even before the birth of Christ, God first promised Abraham that he would have just one child - Christ? I have so brought to you this story in order to make you conscious of the fact that the promises of God are bound to be made manifest, irrespective of the time interval. 
You need to note the fact that it took four thousand years (two complete generations) before God's promise to give Abraham a child Christ came to a manifest.  
I have taught you this thing so that you might ascertain the fact that what your fathers of old taught and wrote down was insignificant and vanity. 
I have also taught you this thing in a simplified form so that you may be able to impart same to those you come by. This is why Christ said that those who came before Him were thieves and robbers.   The Holy Spirit has now come in earnest and all have to shun his or her old doctrines and teachings and imbibe His teachings. Hence our Lord Jesus Christ said to a Samaritan woman: “Jesus said unto he, woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, not yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.   Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship:  for salvation is  of the Jews.  But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.” (John 4:2I - 24).
The above answer was necessitated by the question which she asked Christ that her father’s used to worship on the mountain but the disciples had said that Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. 
So beloved, understand that the pronouncements of our Lord Jesus Christ are to be made manifest only in this generation. Also note that all His statements would fulfill though some have fulfilled when it is not yet up to two thousand years from the time he made these pronouncements.
And after this very generation, the Holy Spirit alone would take dominion over all and no other being or thing would rise as His rival or threat. 
And by then. the carnal and violent life styles which abound now would cease leaving peace and godliness alone to abound so that all and sundry would ascertain that God is the Leader and controller of all things. And right from now henceforth, all our dealings should be with the Holy Spirit alone.

The Holy Spirit is God and has come as was promised. But a lot of you are eluded of this fact. So beloved, know of the fact that, the injunction, of Christ to His disciples to wait in Jerusalem till they were clothed with power was not referring to the descending of the Holy Spirit, but power of the Holy Spirit.
(Luke 24:49) 
But the one that signifies the coming of the Holy Spirit is revealed in John (I6:I3-I4).
“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you in to all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but what soever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.” (John I6:I3-I4)

Now learn some lessons from the Moslem cleric, and Egyptian, who recently came here and testified that while in his country, Jesus did talk to him. He further said that he was told in the revelation that Jesus Christ would come and rule over the entire world. 
Besides, he went as far as proclaiming that Mohammed affirmed the said fact in the Koran. 
Thereafter, I commissioned him to go and impart same teaching to the Moslem, since he is a Moslem and has seen the truth in Christ Jesus.  But he refused saying that the Moslems would not be keen on such teachings. But I strongly gave him the mandate and urged him to note the facts that at the fullness of time, there would be no more Moslems, Christians etcetera rather all would be under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. That by then, the entire world would become one with no segregation, hatred, and division would be things of the past. When he was convinced to believe these facts, he went and imparted same to another top Moslem in Nigeria. And as a result, the said top Moslem ordered him to leave Nigeria. 
Furthermore, the Egyptian said he listened and waited patiently to be talked to by Christ again as usual, but to no avail. Hence, he erroneously claimed that Christ has failed him. 
Then, he got letters from people outside Nigeria requesting him to come and teach them.
And while here, he was not talked to by Christ, but when he went to where he was requested to come and teach, Jesus again appeared to him and talked to him.  
Moreso, as he was teaching the said people, he told them that Islamic doctrine was null and void as well as Christianity. For it is the Holy Spirit who is in existence on earth who would be like a Shepherd, ruling over all sheep. 
That is to say, the entire world would become one and be under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. 
 As God would design His things, the said Moslem scholar intended to start evangelism at where he was requested to come and lecture, but Christ who talked to him, ordered him to come and commence the assignment in Nigeria. 
And the significance of this was that God mightifully revealed himself to the said man in Nigeria, so that he would be able to speak in His name majestically.
Brother Princewill, on hearing this man preaching in the name of the Holy Spirit, went to the man's house along with his Brotherhood pamphlet which had on its cover, the Father's photograph. And this man, on looking closely and carefully into the book especially at the Father's picture, said it openly that the Father is the Christ he has been seeing in vision.  
It was after this that this man started worrying Brother Princewill to take him to Calabar to come and see the Father. 
Having come in here and accepted baptism, his faith has been strengthened, and work also has commenced in earnest.   So beloved, note that seeing is believing and that a person's faith is made stronger in what he sees than in what he only hears. So the Holy Spirit has in fact, come in earnest.  That is why the educated do attach the pronoun, "He" instead of "it" to the Holy Spirit, for He is here on earth in human form. Now if the man did not see the Christ he saw in the dream, he would not be able to talk about Him majestically and prove His genuineness. A similar thing happened to the disciples; hence, they were able to preach in Christ's name majestically irrespective of the prevailing conditions.  So the Holy Spirit has in fact, come to streamline all things. He does not have any fault during His advent. Read the first lesson again.
First lesson: James 4:5 
“Do ye think that the scripture said in vain, the Spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?”

 The entire world is null and void. For instance, a few hundred years after the death of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church came into existence.  And their originator was a man called Pope Boniface. But they-the members of Roman Catholic Church who conspired and killed all the disciples of Christ were not believers, hence, they are not practising the true form of baptism till today. 
So there is distorted teaching of Christ in the Roman Catholic fold. After five hundred years, Mohammed who was a Catholic member split from the fold and established his own religion, Islam.
Other people also split from Christianity to establish churches like Lutheran, Presbyterian etcetera. 
 But the truth in it is that, none of them acts according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit, hence, they are all of the flesh. That is why the so acclaimed Christians are not controlled by the Spirit.  
The people of the world preach about pope, bishops, reverend etcetera, but have you ever heard me preaching to you about any other being apart from the Holy Spirit and His teachings?
The people of the world do observe new month, new yam festival, and visit the forests and mountains at specific times of the year. But have you ever heard or seen me embarking on such things? 
I do not, instead I at all times, teach you the word of God - Love one another. None of my teachings comes from this world; rather, they are all from above. That is why all my teachings blend with the scripture.   I am not here in the world for Nigerians or Africans alone, rather, I am here for all and sundry in the entire world. That is why my teachings are neither for mankind alone nor a particular church denomination.  Instead, my teachings are for all creations and are sufficient for all. Were you earlier conscious of this fact? The only witness that I have is our Lord Jesus Christ which He testified of, as contained at John I6:I2-I3.  

Among all the prophets of old, including Moses, none apart from Christ bore, testimony about the glory of this kingdom, for the only thing Moses embarked on was the offering of sacrifices. And none of his doctrine and teachings is needed today. 
This is the era of the new world and the new earth and the only teaching that is found here is, love ye one another. 
Our teachings and doctrine are not from this world, that is why the people of the world never made any mistake to say that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has a separate Bible. In fact, the Holy Spirit is the said Bible that we have. 
Have you ever seen a person who has never been to school nor any institute of learning yet, He uncovers what hitherto has eluded the entire world? 
This is the new kingdom of God that is why none of the gospels preached here is for naught.  Instead they are all documented and translated into different languages and dialects in black and white. All of us here are embracing the virtues and shunning all forms of segregation, hatred and division. 
Your inability to understand the teachings of the Holy Spirit could be traced to your not being in the spirit but in the flesh. But those who are in the spirit understand these teachings for their eyes have been opened.   The teachings of this kingdom have been taken to the University of Edinburgh. But they are kept aside sequel to the fact that every attempt to blend them the teachings of this kingdom with those of other religious folds, do prove abortive. This is so because the former teachings were not well understood, and they could not be blended with Christ's teachings and our teachings from the Holy Spirit.  
Beloved, to be very candid, the teachings of Christ were elementary, for He did not teach much, rather. He bore eloquent testimony to the fact that, when He the Holy Spirit of truth comes. He would teach us all things and bring us to the accurate knowledge of truth. This He said because He knew the said assignment was not His responsibility to accomplish. 
But have I not brought you to the accurate knowledge of truth and taught you all things? I have, for I have succeeded in making everybody to be conscious of the fact that the whole world is one. However, Jesus Christ during His advent on earth segregated when He said:
“Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (Matthew 10: 5 - 6).
Now the question is, could you term the above statement of Christ good teaching? Besides, our Lord Jesus Christ during His advent did curse people, beat people with cane, asked His disciples not to mingle with others, etcetera.
Now were the ones He treated so badly as enumerated above not God’s children? It was after He had died and resurrected that He knew the right teachings and imparted same to His disciples as recorded at Matthew 28: I9-20.  
But were the disciples able to accomplish the above task? They were not, for it was not their responsibility but the responsibility of the Holy Spirit.  

A great many of you have been here for two or three decades, but could not achieve anything, since you are in the flesh. None of you is in the spirit. 
People who are in the flesh do attempt to research Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.  But is it a simple task for a carnal being to research a spiritual being or creature? 
The Leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the Sole Spiritual Head, hence, all the spirits are under Him.   The other churches which proliferate in the world do not shun segregation and division. That is why they are not counted worthy. 
But Brotherhood has come to eject division from the world and inject oneness and unity into the world. That is why our teachings are always very simple, and enjoin people not to segregate, tell lies, fornicate, hate, eat fish or meat, kill, or steal, etcetera.
Our teachings are of the spirit, hence, no man can teach same. It is God who teaches you at all times and this has confirmed the biblical excerpt which has it that God shall teach all things. 
You need to be in spirit in order to know the secret of this kingdom. Some members do say that Olumba Olumba Obu is the one doing the works that are done here in the kingdom. This is a misconception for it is the Holy Spirit who does all things here in the kingdom.  
Sequel to the first lesson of this sermon, it should be noted that the spirit of God does not want us to perish. That is why we have a lot of constraints confronting us whenever we wish to embark on ungodly affairs. 
And it is then that you do arrogate such problems to witches, ghost, mermaid, oracle, apparition, etcetera.
God is the only Leader and does not want us to perish. And should you, from now henceforth, abide by His pieces of advice, you would be problems free.   Beloved, God does not dwell in us for naught, rather He dwells in us so as to lead, teach, instruct and correct us. Once you derail from God's path, you automatically become frustrated and lack peace in you.   So He is ever there to lead us and make sure we are chastised for correction.  Do what God enjoins you to do and shun all that the people enjoin you to do. 
For at the very moment you go contrary to His divine injunctions, you have erred; hence, problem comes your way. Read the second lesson again.
 Second Lesson: Romans 8:I3 
“For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.”

This kingdom's affairs are spiritually inclined. Hence, they have no bearing with anything carnal. What I have brought into the world is nothing but the lifestyle of God that is why my lifestyle and the world's lifestyles are incompatible. 
Since it is those who live according to the dictate of the spirit who would live forever, and since" my assignment on earth is to save you all, I have come with nothing carnal neither do I need anything carnal. 
Rather, I have brought to you the things from above. Now the question is, have you ever seen anything carnal here in the kingdom? This kingdom and its glory elude many of you because you have no intention of listening to the teachings of the Holy Spirit. In Revelation I9:I3, it is said:
“And He was clothed with vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called the Word of God”

Have you not seen the content of the above excerpt being made manifest in the world today? What you are seeing now in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is as a result of the coming of the Holy Spirit. That is why you are given an unlimited spirit. I am not interested in any being or thing carnal, for I am always in the spirit and all my dealings are spiritual. 
Have my teachings not engulfed the entire world now? You all should repent and read all the gospels of the Father produced in black and white and also practise same. 
Every creature will, at the fullness of time, want the Holy Spirit and His teachings, for He is omnipresent. And should those of you here put into constant practice my teachings you would have no further problems. And it is because you are in the flesh; you do not practise His teachings. So you have problems.
Have you ever seen any human being on earth who preaches to suit the demands of every body without complains and arguments? But on the contrary if you start preaching now, you would be criticized. Because your teachings mainly centre on criticism, for you do preach that one church denomination is bad while the other is worse, etcetera.
As such, you and your teachings are rejected by the hearers. Have you ever heard me criticizing any church? I do not, for that is not my assignment. I am always in the spirit and my teachings also are always spiritual. That is why my deeds do counter the deeds of others (those in the flesh). 
The spiritual teachings which I have brought have revealed so many things in the world. They have also made the entire world to be conscious of the
fact that all the churches' in the world are in the flesh  and are empty. Furthermore, you have now been made to understand that if we walk in the spirit, we would not indulge in any form of sinfulness. 
In the spiritual world, all creations are equal and one. So there is no segregation among the sick, poor, young, old, educated, uneducated, whites, blacks, etcetera. 
Those you claim not to be Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members are really Brotherhood members. You only uphold such claims because you are carnally minded. So note that all creations are Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members. 
This confirms the fact that the heaven, the earth, and the fullness in them are God's. Therefore, what then could one term say not to be God's? My teachings are spiritual. That is why my teachings do centre in making you virtuous.
In Matthew 5:4 - 48, we are enjoined to love our enemies just as we love those that love us else we are not the children of God who showed His love on everybody equally.
On this note therefore, you have no authority to judge anybody, rather, you only need to do that which is good. For instance, a brother staying in the guest house once testified that he was instructed not to sing in the hall on Sunday. But is this correct? 
Does it mean that the maker of such law is the owner of Sunday?  Is there anybody who has any right to do such a thing here in Brotherhood?  Nobody in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star other than the Holy Spirit has any authority to make any law or order here in the kingdom, for we are all His subjects and one in Him. Anyone who is in the spirit would not do anything that would please the flesh. The people of the world have counted you unworthy because they have seen you to be in the flesh.  Those who walk in the flesh are bound to die as nominated in the scripture. And it is your act of being in the flesh that you are facing diverse problems today. 
Most of you do indulge in diverse sins. And this is a proof that you are not in the spirit but in the flesh for the spirit cannot instruct anybody to indulge in any manner of sinfulness. 
When it comes to any Pentecostal period, we all come together and thereafter, we disperse into the vineyard and continue in the Father's work. Note what Christ said to that person whom He cast demon out of the body as recorded in Mark 5:I9. 
The Guest house is not meant to be lived in, but to be lodged in temporarily. I do not want idlers here. Instead I want those who are industrious, for through their hard works, money would be generated for the welfare of the needy and destitute. 
So, it is erroneous for you to spend all your time singing, dancing and praying, for none of these can generate fund for you to use for God’s work and yourself. What I value most is people embarking on evangelism, for that would bring salvation to the entire world. 
That is why I do affirm strongly that if you give me twenty thousand naira to stop preaching. I would give you forty thousand naira to continue preaching. 
You have been enjoined to go into the prison custody, hospital, police cell, maternity homes etcetera. and preach the gospel to those you find there. Make sure you use your hands to work in order to make your ends meet, pay your tithe and provide for the needy and destitute.
Paul himself made nets for his living. So note from this that God does not want anyone to be  idle.  It was to this end that Christ said, "my Father worketh hitherto and I work”.
It is only those in the flesh who claim to be unemployed or applicants, for the spirit does not and would never make a person, an applicant. Anyone who is in the spirit does not lack work to do. He too cannot constitute a burden to another person. So always listen to the spirit for all will be well with you. Read our golden text again.
 Golden text: 1st  John 2:27
But the anointing which ye have received o f him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and i s no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

Now, you have been bestowed with the Holy Spirit to teach and direct you in all your dealings.  But your problems are that you do not intend to abide by His teachings. And as from today, should you do all things out of the Holy Spirit's volition, you would have peace, life, and the glory of God will manifest in you. 
But once you leave His teachings and go on to do things out of your own volition or people's volition, you would experience failures and constraints greatly in your ways.

It is time I give you a story about a cobbler who used to make four pennies daily, yet he sang and rejoiced in every moment of the day. Besides, there was a wealthy man who was always passing by this cobbler who was singing and rejoicing at all times. 

More so, the said rich man wondered why this cobbler should rejoice and sing at all times. In order to clear his doubt, he one day visited the cobbler and asked him how much he used to earn daily; and he replied "four pennies".
Then the rich man contemplated that if four pennies should make the man to be that happy, much money added to him would make him to become crazy due to exceeding joy. 
Therefore, he gave the cobbler his complimentary card and invited him to visit him. 
So, on the day this cobbler was invited, he honoured the invitation. And the first thing the rich man gave to this cobbler was a bottle of gin. But this cobbler became sorrowful and told him that he does not drink. 
Again, the rich man gave the cobbler some sticks of cigarette which each was sold for two shillings, six pence. Yet the cobbler was not happy and did not sing as usual. 
He again gave sixty pounds to the cobbler to help him expand his business. And gave a condition that if the investment became profitable, the cobbler should refund the money and vice versa.
The rich man, after that thought he had done a very great thing to the cobbler without knowing that he was killing the cobbler with accumulation of troubles. 
The cobbler left the rich man's house without bidding him farewell. And till he got to his house, he did not sing as usual because of how his heart was troubled. 12. On reaching his house, the cobbler was unable to eat for he was thinking of the security of his life and such a fat sum of money throughout the night. 
And in order to secure the money, he hid it inside the box and later went and took it out, thinking that the thieves would see it when they strike.    He repeated the same thing when he hid the money under his mattress. He also repeated same when he hung the money on the roof. This he did to secure the money throughout the night. And at last, he decided to place the money on the table, keep a lamp there too and sat closely to secure the money till dawn when he would return the money to the owner. 
And so, the cobbler was watching the clock and as soon as it was 4a.m, he left his house with the money for the rich man's house.  The cobbler's neighbours wondered why he did not sing as usual, not knowing that he was in hell.  On reaching the rich man's house, the man was not awake for it was not yet dawn. But he met the man's house boy and told him he wanted to see the master, but was ordered to wait till it was dawn when the man would wake up. The cobbler then waited. 
When the rich man finally woke up, the servant went and told him that the cobbler was since waiting for him. And when he heard that, he thought whether the money was not enough for the man. As such, he went and brought out much money. 
But when the Cobbler was made to see the rich man, he threw the money to him and rushed home.  Immediately, he started singing again.  
It is not uncommon to hear a lot of people claiming that there is nobody who does not need money. But I am telling you the veritable truth that this is not even the main issue.
But unfortunately there are some people who love money and the material things at the expense of their brothers, sisters and parents.  For instance, the cobbler mentioned above did not have any love for money; hence, he was troubled when he was given so much money.

There lived also a night watch man who was paid two shillings six pence. The said watchman had a wife as well as children. He was able to cloth, feed and provide every need of the family.
But one day, a certain man approached him and asked him of the situation of things with him and he answered to the extent of telling him what his earning was per month.  The man, on hearing the watchman's salary, was surprised and wondered how such an amount was enough for him and his family. Then he said to the watchman that his pay was too small as such, he would get him employed into a place where condition of service was better.  This watchman was later employed into prison as a warder and his net pay there per month was two pounds ten shillings.  And he was happy because of the much difference, but because of what he anticipated, he was always left with nothing at the end of each month for at the end of the month, he was indebted to many people. 
And when he was finally paid the wage, he started paying the debts he owed and before he could realize it, the money he got was not enough to feed him and his family for a month.  
After a while, his salary monthly was increased to three pounds. And he was still not able to feed his family with the money for a month, though the money was much, compared to his former pay. 29. Hence, his degree of indebtedness was higher. Later, he was paid four pound. But at the end of the month, his creditors would consume all his pay. Therefore, he was relying on borrowing; hence, he became a perpetual debtor. 
But note that before then, two shillings and six pence was enough to sustain him and his family throughout a month without incurring any debt. 
His indebtedness became too high that, his creditors wrote his employers to complain about his indebtedness. Later, he was paid five pounds, yet it could not sustain him and his family. 
And since his degree of indebtedness became too high, the authority had to dismiss him in order to avoid scandal to the establishment. 
Have you now seen how people can cause others to derail? This is why you are enjoined to always listen to the spirit but not the flesh.   34. If the said watchman had listened to the spirit and shunned the instruction of man, he would not have derailed. It is to this end that we are enjoined not to abide by the pieces of advice given to us by the flesh, but to abide with those given to us by the spirit, for it would be well with us.
For instance, the cobbler listened to the spirit in him and acted according to His will. But the night watchman listened not to the spirit but flesh. Hence, the former was problems free while the later was experiencing much and diverse problems. 37. This is why you are enjoined not to listen to the advice from either your relatives or friends, but to listen and abide by the instructions given by the spirit.   Since He is your master and adviser, you cannot grow above Him, else you experience problems.  But if you keep to His pieces of injunction, you would have peace, joy, and all other bliss in life. It is said that a stroke of cane is enough for the wise. Let those who have ears hear what the Holy Spirit has imparted to the whole world. Let God bless His holy words, Amen.   

3rd October, 1999 Leader Olumba Obu Announces God's Budget to the Whole World

On the above Stated Date the Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu made the following Statement.
Every year Government announces their budget but today God want to declare His own BUDGET, and these budgets as override all other budgets in the whole world because the reign of the Holy Spirit has commence.
1. I want to let you know that right now God has stop the existence of Muslim one day you will wake up and ask where are those people that used to wear long garment and where Islamic worshipers, this is because very soon you won’t see them in Nigeria again. No Islamic worship anymore.
2.Today Obasanjo is ruling in Nigeria i want all Nigerians to know that he is not the one ruling but Christ is ruling, as such anyone that want to plan against him is planning against God.
3. Today I want to let you all know that the Capital of Nigeria shall return to Calabar, in Cross River State. And until it is return corruption will never stop in Nigeria this because the Seat of the Federal Capital Territory rightful belongs to Calabar and was corruptibly taken out.
4. Right now i have set up a government in Nigeria that will collect all this money that Governors, Senators, Minister and the rest have looted and take them oversea, that government I have set up shall investigate and bring looters to book, many of them shall be jail.
5. The whole world will use one currency and there will be one government by then there will be no more visa to travel to another country because everyone will unite.
6. I stand in the High heaven to declare Nigeria as the world Power, Nigeria shall be the world power and the white will come to Nigeria to seek for God.
7. Anyone who does not have an account at Mbukpa community Bank I advise you to go and do so because it will just be as a world bank when time comes.
8. My Next Budget is that till eternity, I repeat till eternity Nigeria will Never Separate, but it will continue to be one, Nothing like Biafra it won't be successful, this is because God is physically in Nigeria, the Holy Spirit is here so Nigeria won't divide.
9. I still want to repeat this that there will be no more successful coup, no more war in Nigeria, the only thing you will see from now on is police action.
10. Finally i made this statement before in 1991 and am repeating it again a Black Man shall Rule America.
That is God's Budget and until they come to pass heaven and earth shall never pass away.

Worldly Teachings and Practice in Acclaimed Christianity and Islamic

Today is a new day so the Holy Spirit has to reveal to you the vanity of worldly teachings in Christendom and Islam so that you will not perish.
Let go on history a bit, about few hundred years after Christ death a man called Pope Boniface started Roman Catholic. But they-the members of Roman Catholic Church who conspired and killed all the Disciples of Christ were not believers, hence, they are not practising the true form of baptism till today.
So there is distorted teaching of Christ in the Roman Catholic fold. After five hundred years, Mohammed who was a Catholic member split from the fold and established his own religion, Islam.
Other people also split from Christianity to establish churches like Lutheran, Presbyterian etcetera, that is they bases of churches in the world are not teaching and practice the correct teachings of Christ.
The Holy Spirit has arrived, to teach and correct all the misleading teaching in Christendom, so follow His teachings.
The people of the world preach about pope, bishops, reverend etcetera, but the Holy Spirit in Human Form Leader Olumba Obu preach and practice LOVE, loving one another is His central teachings. So beloved brethren come to Him today and practise His teachings and be saved.