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There is nothing as bad as slavery of the heart, and there is nothing as painful as coming to know the truth that those whom you live with for several year where neither your parent neither your brothers are you true brothers, I want to start it from this angle, will you like to adhere to this truth revealed to you, the truth is this, and  is the last truth at which we Nigeria should accept to be free from the slavery of the white, let me tell you a brief story.
China was one of the poorest country in the world in late 19th century, their economy was so poor that every Chinese was feeding from hand to mouth, one day some of the reputable leaders thought of this situation ponder so much on it, until the first of all look for what is the problem why they are not excelling in life, Chinese discovered one thing, what they discovered was that, every individual born to this world is with a separate talent and gift as such leaving your own gift to imitate someone’s talent lead to frustrations, if I have the talent of lecturing and teaching, that’s my passion but I discovered that money is made so much on singing then I leave my teaching work to learn how to sing automatically am lost, I won’t excel this is because is not my calling, this was what Chinese discovered and they also discovered that this same method is applicable to countries and continent of the world, there are countries blessed with so much natural resources, while others are blessed with the gift of playing football, china at this point discovered that why they were poor was because they were directly coping others foreign culture trying to play football like  England there by making money from there was wrong, nobody was interested in Chinese club-site as people where interested on England club-site, Chinese then sat down on their own think of what really is their calling, let me tell you what they discovered as their calling “FIGHTING” it seems funny right, but that is their calling immediately the discovered this, every schooling child in china was taught how to fight cumfu, called Chinese fight, primary and secondary school has cumfu fight as a subject taught although, not so long china began to fight cumfu and put it in a CD plate began to sell it, market began to move anyone who watch Chinese cumfu was always waiting for the next episode, from there china began to flourish, economy boost itself, the world begun to know who is china, they had celebrities like Brusley, Jetli, Chakin-chan etc.
Today is Nigeria; Nigeria economy today is nothing to write home about, today, economy melt down tomorrow recession, but if this piece of revelation is adhere to, Nigeria will be greater than china, America and England. The truth about this matter is that, they white knows this truth but they feel that if they told us that we will be richer and greater than them, and this is nothing but the truth, but from this write up shared to every Nigerian and the government we will surely pass this test put to us by the white, who has observed that the white men is not calling the us black monkeys anymore, I will tell you the reason at the end of this article.
Nigeria will not be great or out of this bondage if first we can’t identify the problem, first we have to identify our problems before looking for the solution. Please our problem is not politicians, our problem is not our leaders, not our president or Buhari, not money, neither is it that we are not creative or we are laziness but our problems are:
1.       The church
2.       Our official language
3.       Our food
4.       Our dressing and
5.       Democracy
The church:
I hope this look so funny; someone may ask how can church be our problem, but this is the major problem in Nigeria, recently I heard it on the News that Nigeria is the most religious country in the world, yet one of the most corrupt, the solution to this is simple, there is no church today in Nigeria whom originated from Nigeria except Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, all other churches copy foreign doctrine which is not a true doctrine, and not our tradition, playing of cymbals and drums in the church, instruments, standing erect to pray to God, preaching of prosperity always, Women going to churches on trousers and without head cover, shouting Jesus as if He is their mate, asking God to punish witch and wizard, requesting for beautiful wife handsome and tall husband, with cars and exotic cars from God, pray to God to kill devil while fire catch up with enemies, and I ask why is it that after doing all this yet the problem remain intact, is it not foolishness to do something then  expecting a positive result and it gives you negative, yet you continue to do the same thing, Why Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is different is because it started here in Nigeria and it shows a different and correct pattern of worshiping God our creator, the long expected kingdom of God coming to teach man the right ways of worshiping God, In Brotherhood of the Cross and Star the Leader, Olumba Obu teaches love and not prosperity, He teaches falling down and knocking of head to pray and worship God Almighty and not standing and hitting the wall to pray and doing concoction and lighting incent, He teaches proper wearing of the official heavenly garment white, called soutane and not wearing trousers and women going to church without head cover, He teaches calling Jesus Christ as Our Lord Jesus Christ with humility and reference and not shouting Jesus as if He is our mate, he taught so many things that connote righteousness and this is the only tradition which Nigeria should follow if not till heaven and earth passes away Nigeria practicing foreign doctrine in churches will still breed people with corrupt mind because pastors in the foreign copied churches are preaching of how to make money anyhow and any way,  why won’t people in government steal all our money. Let’s go to the next problem and it solution.
Our official Language: The official language of Nigeria shouldn’t be English, English is purely foreign, we need to use the new world language which is Biakpan language as an official language, I will tell you why I said so, the origin of Nigeria is still unclear to so many, Nigeria is a settlement of the black race in the bible called the Edomite, the movement is a story for another day but the official language of this Edomite is the language spoke in Biakpan part of the Cross Rivers state.
Our Food: All Nigerians now have copied foreign food, frying here and there eating continental dishes but thank God for the coming of the Holy Spirit Leader Olumba Obu whom has teach man the right food to eat and live, which is vegetarian, even right now a white man can tell you vegetarianism is the only food that can make you live without visiting hospital till eternity, but we instate, leave our own traditional food and embrace fry rice and salad, cake, etc, our fore Fathers did  not eat all this continental food that make them live long and without have, malaria, cancer of the breast, appendix, kidney failure, infact there was no hospital to visit, one thing the blacks should understand about the white is that the create problem and try to create solution for it so that they provide employment for their people, what do I really mean by that, they give us canned food and coke to eat and drink which contain cancerous element and is diabetic and later provided us with hospital to treat us and collect huge amount of money from us, hey clone viruses in their lab, they introduce ebola and lase fever so that they can collect us our money. That is why I told you at the start that their trick had been revealed by Leader Olumba Obu, so Nigerians and the whole world should go for vegetarian and desist from frying foods and our problem will totally be solve.
Our Dressing: I will make this other one very short, as you dress is not only as you will be address but also as you will be known, the truth is that truth is always bitter, but whatever it may truth is truth, man was not created by God to nod with jean and shirt of suit with costly shoes, this kinds of wears divided  human to class and make those that can’t afford it look less and stupid, it also make those that can afford it spread their shoulder broad, no single humility in them because they can afford it, man is Gods own house and when humility is absent God is absent so that is why our Father Olumba Obu brought heavenly wear, simple white, either in short or shirt of a gown that covers the body and then go with bare foot, do you know that when you walk bare footed the vibration from the earth heal our sickness? You didn’t know that is what God has come to teach us; Leader Olumba Obu taught us this. So white clothings make us all look unique, simple and united.
Democracy as the last topic: By now Nigerians should see the numbers of people who had died due to democratic election, party problems and electing wrong people to rule, there is a solution for this, and the solution  is brought to us by the Solely Spiritual head Leader Olumba Olumba Obu the promise comforter, the solution is replacing democracy with theocracy, I ones posted on my Facebook wall about this theocracy, changing the baton from democracy to theocracy, theocracy is the Government of God as the head rule by God and they children of God, in theocracy, you need not to come from America to rule America, you need not to come from Akwa Ibom to be the governor of Akwa Ibom State rather you will only be send by God Himself to go to anywhere to rule and you will be remove any day you stop doing what pleases God, you see, unity will be foster among humans, this is God’s teaching, and this is what Nigeria need, that is the only solution to the death rising from the corrupt rulership of democracy.
Finally I promised you that I will tell you why the white have stop addressing the black as black monkeys, the reason is that right from the day the white discovered who is leaving in the black race, the one who has come to redeem the black from the bondage and slavery of the white, Leader Olumber Olumba Obu, God Almighty personify, they stop  calling us the black monkey because we have what they do not have and will not have in their mist. The know very well that one day this man will open our eyes to see and we will be greater than them, so let Nigerians eyes open through this piece of write up so that  we will be free and free indeed.
From yours
Concern writer

Bro Nsisong Eyo