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                          God Is Everywhere, In Everything and Does Everything

An Everlasting Gospel Delivered by the Holy Father, The King Of kings and Lord Of lords, The Sole Spiritual Head Of The Universe. (Leader Olumba Olumba Obu)

First Lesson 1 Corinthian 7:7, Second Lesson: Romans 12:5 and Golden Text: 1 Corinthians 12:7
Brethren, the gospel of today is the missing link in the chain of human relation among the members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Up till today people ignore the psychological concept peculiar to an individual. When you sing in your house, you teach your children that particular song. Out of ignorance you expect everybody to eat a particular dish, which is your favourite. If we do not appreciate and believe in this gospel, we shall have no peace because we have different gifts and qualities and God uses us according to these gifts in us.
Psychology of Man
We are all human beings with diverse gifts and peculiarities. Since your children are also human beings, what is good for you is not suitable for them. This knowledge has been a mystery to the entire world including the whites and the blacks. If the whites had known the peculiarities of human nature, they could not have enforced their teachings on others. You use a special request to get something from people, but if another person uses the same request, he will get a rebuff. This illustrates that your gift is different, and that God has reserved another method through which you can get something from people.
When you are born into the world, you come with different gifts from God. The trouble with the world is that they pursue a uniform principle of life, for all to their utter dismay and failure. For this reason, others copy one man’s way of life to their dismay.
There are different manifestations of truth. As men of God are many and various, so are the children of the world, and as many as they may be, there is but one God in them all. One God is officiating in the worldly children as well as children of God. You should understand that God is responsible for the behaviour of all the people in the world. There is nobody who says that he understands the life of a man. As we are here, we do not know even the behaviour of our children. A person will with you listening to and following your instructions, but you will not know that he does not approve of them. How can the world be at peace when there is such confusion?
It is ridiculous to note that when God works through a man, the action is attributed to the man as his own characteristics. But today I will reveal to you that one God is in every creature including man, fish and tree, but He makes His actions manifest in different ways. One God speaks all the languages in the world and He understands all of them. The same God performs all the activities in the world. Do not accuse any man or ghost or death because God does His things as He likes. It is true that people do not know that God is responsible for all the actions in the world and that He manifests Himself in various ways. Here people may sing with different tones, it is one God doing these in them. When you praise one and condemn the other, you have disgraced God.
For I would that all men were as I myself, But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that.
It is your earnest desire that everybody should follow you to this place. Do you know the gifts each person has from God? God sends you to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star sends another to Mount Zion, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic respectively according to His purpose. He gives others the right to sit at home to serve Him. It is the same God who is Alpha and Omega, the author and finisher of our faith.
The Gift of God Differs
It is my wish that everybody should be like myself, but people are differently gifted, and so, they should be allowed to follow their own course. From the beginning, there were the Pharisees, Sadducees, Heroines, Publicans, Scribes and many other religious sects, but Christ came and followed his own way, Likewise John the Baptist. Without God nothing else exists. Although the lesson is beyond your comprehension, I must deliver it because it had been hidden even to the Europeans. It was foretold concerning this time that you will be led to the truth, and I must fulfil and accomplish this assignment.
When Christ came first, He was not authorised by God to speak plainly but is parables. Things were in a confused and disorderly state. That is why Christ told the disciples that He had much to teach them, but that they were not able to understand and that when the Holy Spirit comes, He will teach everything and lead them to all truth. I have power to reveal mystery because this is the dispensation of the fullness of time. Whatever name you ascribe to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star whether you call it Church, prayer house or school, I must tell the truth and lead you to know God. This is my authority from God.
Many people do not know that e are one but with different gifts. This diversity of gifts cannot destroy our oneness. One may like to drink cold water while the other prefers hot water, which is his gift. There are some people who will suffer if they tell the truth, but will feel comfortable if they tell lies. It is said that since they rejected the truth, God sends them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. When God tells the truth and you disbelieve and regard it as a lie, He will enter into another man and tell lies which you will readily accept as you wanted. He gives one spirit to search for worldly things and another spirit to search for heavenly things. He is the same God both of heaven and earth.
God is Everywhere, is in Everything and Does Everything
Do you not hear that God is in hell where you may see Him as snake, and He can also appear as a lunatic? Without God, there is no other thing, no heaven, earth and death, Hades or Lucifer. It is the same God who remains in them all. Everything is created for special work. When God enters Lucifer, Christ, Peter, He uses them to perform different tasks, Lucifer has no other father except God.
If you are sincere, you will realise that when you do good, Lucifer will not come to you, and death also will dread you. You are mistaken if you think that God does not kill anybody, but death kills. Death is God’s agent.
Who works through death and by whose power does death operates? It is said that two sparrows are sold for one penny, yet none of them dies without the consent of God. Why did the Spirit lead Jesus into the desert, and when He was tempted He fell not? It was because God manifested Himself in the temptation and secured victory over them. In your house there is always temptation. If your wife is not Lucifer to the husband, the husband will to the wife. Then you will waste time in prayer when it is the same God at work.
If we know that our gifts are different we should not be surprised at what we see daily. As our physiognomy differs, so are our gifts, but only one God is working through us. He may reveal Himself to you as a baby, old man, sick man, lawyer and millionaire. Why do you say that snake is Satan? Moses cast his rod on the ground and it turned to a serpent. The serpent was God. Therefore do not say that the snake bites you. The five little pebbles which David took and slain Goliath were God in another form. The fire which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, was God yet you say that God does t
When the Israelites tempted God, He turned to serpents and destroyed them. All these things are revealed to you so that you may reach the knowledge of truth. Where do you find Satan, when you have never seen him? Why do you say that man is Satan? God warned you not to avenge yourself for vengeance is for Him to pay.
Mode of Operation
How will He do this? Have you ever seen God holding cutlass to kill anybody? You hear that a thief is shot dead, who else does this apart from God. When Goliath boasted in defiance of the army of Israel, God manifested Himself in David and slew him. Therefore it is incorrect to attribute the valour and victory to David. Consider the case of Moses against Pharaoh. Moses was God. When you hear that God will punish you, you wonder how this will be achieved. He will send a child who will be a thorn in your flesh, and the child is God’s punishment. When you go about deceiving women, you are told that you will suffer for it. One day you meet a troublesome girl who brings you to your knees. It is God working through the girl to execute His punishment and not the devil. Brethren, it is God that we call hell and devil. God does everything and for a purpose.
Self Denial
When you come to the full knowledge of the diversities of the gifts of God, you will no longer worry yourself but to surrender completely to the mercy of God because He is a fearful God. What you superstitiously refer to as ghost, juju and medicine are God since His gifts are different. God passes in mysterious way to do wonders on earth. Do not be surprised when hear that a person drank water, but water chocked him to death. This is the revelation of God. In another instant, a dead person will be given water and rises from dead. The two illustrations show the work of water to different people. God gives freely and revenges as He wills.
He creates some people for mercy and blessing, and creates others for destruction. His gifts are distributed according to His will. He passes through you to be pugnacious, and gives another the power to understand others, and yet another is given the ability to advise. He uses you to do His will so that you may know that He is God.
When the Israelites disobeyed God, He passed through Elijah and used the fire to destroy them. God has never killed by Himself but uses another to execute His purpose. The same God worked through Moses to deliver the children of Israel from bondage and gave them law by His authority. Do not murmur against God again and do not ignorantly say that God has not come down because He has never left the earth or heaven. You are witnesses that chronic debtors cannot borrow again because God is rewarding them of their misdeeds. A person may be duped of his money, in that case, do not accuse any person because God has sent His punishment to him. Who can harden a person’s heart except God as He did in the case of Pharaoh and who can soften your heart except God.
When Moses killed the Egyptian, he escaped for the fear of Pharaoh. It is said that an avenger is not a brother, but on the road. You are witnesses on how He passed through Moses to fulfil this prophecy. When a person assaults you and you surrender it to God, he will not move a few yards when another man will beat him. It is God who is doing it. Why do you not know that God revenges for evil doing and rewards for well doing. Nobody had this knowledge before, except as I have revealed to you. God makes some advisers, some discerners of Spirit, giver of alms, and keep others who lead people astray. You will observe that some people will come to mislead you, tempt you, advise you, reward and punish you. It is the same God doing these works in you. Many of you regard murders, rogues, and fornicators as evil men. These people do not consider themselves as such. It is God who passes through them to exterminate unwanted elements from His Kingdom. It is said that evil men will continue to deceive and be deceived. You steal, murder, and adulterate another person’s wife, what is the evil thing when these things are done to you. God is revenging you your wickedness.
Second Lesson: Romans 12:5
So we being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.
Do not make the mistake to discriminate against a rogue in that he is not one of us. You say that a child is not your blood because he is stubborn. Whether a person is a rogue, murderer, fornicator, truthful or wise person, we are one because one God is working in us all.
Why did God say the children of Abraham would be in bondage four hundred years, and after that the nation, which held them in bondage, will be judged. And for this reason God raised Pharaoh to use him to punish the children of Israel.
God passes through some men to do well and through others to punish offenders and to test the faith of people. God passes in different forms to execute His judgement and we are the forms. He use a sister to backbite you. Do not condemn the sister because God is doing this work. There are those that check rogues, some watch whether you are listening to the gospel, while others are sent to beat you. When all these things happen, you attribute the to Satan. It is God that does them.
God is the Father of all
When did God deny Lucifer that he is not his angel? As God is your Father, so is he Lucifer’s Father. Although you say that you are not children of God, he will continue to call you, His children. If you are a murderer; a fornicator or juju priest, it is the way that pleases God to manifest His glory. Christ came to as the Prince of Peace; to heal and put aright every wrong doing. It is the same God doing this. Therefore, Moses who came and fought was not Satan but from this one God. When you abuse a man you are abusing God because no man lives unto himself. It is not tribulation that brought you to God, but he used that to call you to Himself.
A practical example to illustrate this philosophy is the government with different ministries under it, such as Ministry of Education, Finance and Prisons etc. They do only their schedule of duties, although they are under one government, which is controlled by God. You can abuse a man and he answers you nothing. Another will even rob you of your wealth because that is his work. You may work for a person and he refuses to pay you, but you walk out, a friend some money. The man’s duty is to give reward, while the former man’s duty is to tempt people. The first one was trying to see whether you believe in God while the last man is kept to pay rewords. Yet you say Satan is the cause. What does God not know in you and in heaven and on earth? He knows all our want and possession because He lives in us. He can come in a very abnormal way and remove the tithe box and you will accuse a thief.

We should not boast or be sad because there are different kinds of duties and no one should impede the other. Some are given to knowing languages, which a person who is not so gifted will no understand, though he may live long in the place. Some have innate intelligence and will pass any examination easily while others will swallow brain pills in vain. The other who is dull in brainwork will be bright in trading. Why dose everybody itch to go to school when God is in everything? You may prosper by keeping poultry farming which is your gift. You may not be as clever as your brother, but God may give you a child who will be clever, and who will be the boss that of your brother. Ask no question because it is God doing His will. You may be given money while another is given craftsmanship. Some make up to two hundred pounds a day but spend them all. If it is the work of God, and not witchcraft as all of you thinks. Go now and impart this knowledge and thank God because He passes in a mysterious way to do his mighty works. In God there is nothing called Good and nothing called Evil. Everything fulfils His will. Anything that fulfil God’s will is good, no matter your opinion if it. Anything that opposes and does not fulfil God’s will is evil. Everything is based on God’s will and its fulfilment.

If you hide and commit a crime, punishment will come to you secretly. Many of us are doctors, police, teachers, millionaires and poor people. It is God doing all these things. If you say that you own yourself and can do what you like, you are a liar, because God alone can do what He likes with you because He created you.
He warned Adam that if he ate the forbidden fruit, he would die, therefore, death come from God. The tree is a tree of knowledge of good and evil. When Adam disobeyed God, God pronounced the judgement, which is now fulfilled. Who on earth does not suffer before he gets his daily bread?
Snake cannot work erect as you do because he was cursed by God to crawl. Apart from the women in Brotherhood, other pregnant women suffer before delivery. If you do what God likes, you will not suffer. Therefore Brotherhood has come to lead the world back into the Garden of Eden where there is no death, sorrows and pains.
Today people attribute the power here to demon because Jesus and the disciples were killed without any resistance. They should know that it is no Beelzebub but that same God of old. Do they forget when the serpent from Moses’ rod swallowed those of Pharaoh, or do they forget Elijah and the prophets of Baal?
Brethren, God distributes to people as He likes and He alone is doing this work. That is why it is said that sinners will not escape. Many of those who signed to killed themselves, others signed to steal, and will die at last because of stealing. Since it is a contract, you can sign whatever you like and wait for the due recompense from God.
God is the potter. We are the clay. He moulds us into what He wants. We have no say on the matter. He can make us into vessel of honour or vessel of dishonour. He alone decides. You all have been called by God to be made into vessels of honour through His grace and love. He is the Holy Spirit and with His Spirit, He moulds us. We are His children, God children. We are all vessels of honour by His love and grace, and the kingdom is ours. Pray always, flee from sin, He who gives strength to flee from sin is here and holds you forever. Believe and trust in Him.
Let those who have ears, let them hear. May God bless His holy words. Amen