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Brethren, you have to take today's instructions into your brains, marrow, and into every part of your body and through your ears so that when you get to your various homes, you think over them and see whether your life and behavior are commensurate with the teachings in the Bible. This is so because each and every one of us has something written about him. Now is the time for me to remind you of these things,to infuse the words into you and to clad you with these words as an amour, so that you would examine yourself and see whether you are walking according to what was written about you.
I had told you before now that the first and foremost assignment the Holy Spirit asked me to do is to abolish the murder of twin babies and the castigation of their mothers. A woman has the right to put to birth as many babies as possible at a time, if she is so blessed by God. The phenomenon is purely a blessing from God. In fact, you should know that the single birth is ill-luck.
You will notice that twin children or more are always exceptional. Consider Isaac and Jacob whose descendants we are, they lived. Adam and Eve, our first father and mother bore twin children all through.The second thing I came to abolish is the keeping of mourning houses and the wearing of mourning clothes.
It is worthy of note, in the first place, that there is nothing called death; it does not exist, no person dies. The right thing to say is that the one has gone on transfer. That person said to be dead is very much around and going about his business. It is against this background that I continue to tell you that I have a plan. If you read the book I AM THAT I AM, you will realise the first vision that Prophetess Otom had, and the information indicating the mission of the Father. I would like somebody who has a copy of the book handy to read out the portion on the revelation. Part of the revelation says that a multitude of people were seen clad in white robes and various other colored garments, and they spoke in different tongues. In addition, it also revealed a warning to mankind to refrain from stealing, telling of lies, drinking, polygamy,prostitution and other vices. You can now see that when the three O's were revealed the Holy Father had not been physically born into the world and the word of God had not arrived in this part of the world. That is why I have been telling you that the name, THE SOLE SPIRITUAL HEAD, has a deeper meaning than you conceive of it. I EXIST IN SPIRIT AND NOT IN FLESH.

In line with the revelation, today the Father is the One who directs you on what to do, He guides you. He cures your sickness and raises the dead. When the revelation came , does it mean that I was existing in the flesh? All the works you are witnessing today, who do you think is responsible for them? Is it the flesh or spirit that does the work here? Why then do you not have implicit faith in the spirit but instead you seek after carnal things? People who continue to await the time the Leader will die, does it mean that when the revelation was given by the prophetess the Leader was not in existence?
You can now realise that the flesh is a visitor or a stranger, but the spirit is the owner of the house. The former is a temporary building while the latter is a permanent and concrete building. That is the reason I continue to tell you that you do not know what Brotherhood is, because if you knew, you would rejoice immensely because Brotherhood has come to endure forever and ever. Is there any time the wearers of the white garment will cease to exist or when the three O's will disappear? Therefore, what I have come to teach you is love, faith,patience, meekness, endurance, mercy, peace and all the good virtues. I have nothing to do at all with anything sinful.
What do I preach to you from the beginning of the year to the end? Is it not the same thing as contained in the second vision? That is the reason I asked that that portion of the book be read. I have nothing to do with anything carnal. I do not want carnal knowledge; I am not interested in your wealth, your beauty, your city, and whatever you have. There is not a university in this world whose admission I can accept, there is no book I will read and there is nothing whatsoever I would need in any institution of learning. I have come with my university unto you. Your problem is that you do not want to listen.
Now, the first heaven and the first earth have passed away. What you have now is the new earth and the new heaven. If you can remember the theme of our sermon marking the new year- Luke 5:38. Brethren have you heard that? A new wine must be put in a new wine skin. This is a new world,therefore, it must not be mixed with any worldly thing. Your problem is that you want to bring into this place things of the carnal world. You are not prepared to listen to this new teaching in this new kingdom. If you mix a new thing up with an old one, the new thing will be contaminated and spoiled by the old one.

There is no single truth in the whole world. If you walk through the entire world you will realise that there is no source of salvation. There is no other place in the whole world where you could find life ; there is no person, black or white, who has love; there is no person who is humble; there is no person who is patient;there is no person who is merciful, and throughout the entire world there is no single person who has peace and can thus give another person peace. All those deficiencies clearly indicate the reason I have come and what my duties are. But now the whole world has rejected me. That explains why your twenty years in Brotherhood means nothing to you. When a bottle is filled old water and is taken to the stream, there will be no space to fill it with fresh and new water. The only available option is to empty the bottle of its contents, i.e, the old water, go to the stream with an empty bottle so that you can refill it with new and clean water. For you to receive this wisdom, you have to purge yourself of your old ways of life and discard all your old teachings so that you can receive this new teaching. There is no other hope for the world except Brotherhood. There is no other hope for the world except in Brotherhood. There is no other way open unto mankind except the teachings here. There is no other way to the truth for mankind and angels apart from the truth you are hearing here. There is no other source of salvation available to mankind anywhere else except what is being imparted to you here. Of what usefulness will it serve you to call yourself a Brotherhood and continue to live a kind of life lived by the people of the world?
They themselves will not fail to question what kind of Brotherhood person you are. It is a very simple thing for the world to repent, if only you repent, yourselves. Everywhere now people do not hesitate to ask you what your Father says. If you go into the world, you will find that three-quarters of the people are clad in white robes. Many of the church denominations today go on blessing and copy virtually everything that is done in Brotherhood. He has told us that He is the way, the truth and the life and our actions should portray that. If we quarrel or steal, or fornicate and tell lies, or do any of the things He has forbidden us, the world will be apt to point out and comment. The kind of person recognized and regarded as great and tough man is a rogue, a madman, a murderer,an unmerciful person and somebody who lives an abominable life. If you hear that somebody is influential and bold, know that such a person is a thief, a liar, a swindler, a back-biter, and someone who indulges in the preparation of charms and juju- making. If you gave somebody your purse to keep for you and on coming back to collect it he denies ever seeing your purse, let alone keeping it, and immediately tells you to call any witness who was available when you gave him the purse, that is the kind of person said to be intelligent and wise. But if there is another person who when he is given money to keep and the owner of the money demands his money back, he gives everything back promptly, this person, in the eyes of people of the world is seen as being stupid and foolish. If somebody buys goods worth a hundred nairas but mistakenly pays one thousand dollars instead, and as a seller with conscience, you refund the difference of nine hundred to him ,the world will label you an idiot, because you have refunded the excess money. On the other hand, if even after you have known that your customer has over-paid for the goods bought to the tune of nine hundred naira, when he comes back to ask for a refund,if you deny that he ever overpaid you and you threatened to call the police if he insisted, the world will say that you are very wise and are a "fast guy." That is exactly what you will find in the world. (1 Cor.1:25-27)
Do you know that the behavior the worldly people regard as being foolish is righteous before God? He tells us not to cheat, not to tell lies, not to steal, not to hate, but rather to refrain from all vices. Those attributes constitute the wisdom of God, but in the world they mean foolishness. This is a knowledge no person has ever had. This wisdom is complemented in the scripture where it is said, it is better to give than to receive. You fail to realise that once you receive you have enslaved yourself and have lost much more than received. This is the knowledge that surpasses every knowledge. It is the truth, patience, humility, mercy, meekness, and long suffering. Who amongst you had this knowledge?

Read 1 Cor.3:18-20.
Brethren have you heard that? Do you know that all the things you do, and your claim to be wise and intelligent mean nonsense? Throughout the entire world there is no wise man. Even if somebody should curse you, slap you or do anything whatsoever to you, you should never retaliate. That marks the new heaven and the new earth wherein dwells righteousness.
As it is said in Romans 12:20-21, if you listen to that passage you will realise that you have not started Brotherhood. There is no way you can practise what you do not believe in. What is read out to you is Brotherhood and nothing short of it, and that is love. Whether you are burnt in fire, or your head is cut, or you are buried in the ground, continue to have love. We do not have any other teaching or knowledge other than love, faith, peace, patience, mercy, truth, and humility. No matter how somebody hates you continue to love him and be good to him.
Even as people did engage in sinfulness, so also is it time for you to practise righteousness. All of us have to show love which has neither beginning nor end. Since the Holy Spirit has come you should refrain from telling lies. Instead practise the truth at all times,always speaking the truth. Also humble yourself and be kind to every person. Do not begrudge anybody, do not quarrel with anybody, and do not say evil words against any person, and do not think evil against any person.
Whether you are sick,maimed, hungry, continue to love one another, for it may be through your love that your problems could be taken away. Whoever calls himself a Brotherhood member must have love, the real love, that has no spot or blemish. This is the reason I continue to tell you that you do not understand Brotherhood the way you should. Because you cannot integrate into Brotherhood when you do not have love. There is no bit of sin or carnal thing that is admitted into it.

Read Matthew 5:44-8
Brotherhood does not consist in seeking for cars, storey buildings, earthly glory, children,husband, wife, or other mundane things. Brotherhood has not come to beg; they are not beggars, they are not slaves, they are not maimed, neither are they deaf nor dumb. Brotherhood has come to practicalise the word of God. Therefore, whoever continues to beg or to lament is disobedient child. Brotherhood means the love of one another, being patient, merciful, humble and kind. You are unable to enter and fit squarely into Brotherhood, you have not seen it and have not known it; moreover, you are not ready to abandon all your old ways of doing things and all the old things you have with you.

Brotherhood does not consist in great multitude, it does not consist in money, neither is Brotherhood made up of knowledge. But Brotherhood is love, and once this love is prevalent between one another that is Brotherhood. Whenever things are tough and whenever hope is lost, the only way for salvation is love. Your problems are still with you because you have refused to be helped and enjoy this great salvation. Your position could be likened to a certain person who met some people on the road and as these people were carrying heavy loads on their heads, he offers to help them by conveying them in his train. When he asked the people to board the train and take their rest, they indeed came on board but they continued to carry their loads on their heads, even as before they boarded the train. When the person who provided them space on board the train in order to relieve them turned around and saw them with their loads still on their heads, he questioned the morale behind their entering the train, and continue to carry their loads on their heads. Therefore, you were invited into this train so that you would be relieved and so you would give testimony about the mighty work of God. But how can you testify when you have decided to continue punishing yourself. In Brotherhood there is no marriage and its rituals of giving various items of goods. In Brotherhood it is love alone that works. But in the world and even among some of you, people continue to marry and give in marriage, according to the traditions and customs of their area. If you pay even a mite as dowry you are still having that old cloak in you and that in effect means indirect slavery. And it is the money he pays to procure the wife that encourages a man to treat the woman any way he likes. You will realise that when a man and a woman first meet each other and fall in love, they usually love each other so dearly, and they have mutual respect for each other.But the moment the man decides to go and see her parents and possibly pay the dowry, the relationship begins to crumble and the two of them begin to fall apart.
Love is the beginning and the end and anything not founded on love can never survive. The same also applies to charging a fee for whatever service you render. That attitude reveals you as a prodigal son. If you and I are Brotherhood and indeed the entire world is Brotherhood as well, what would be the need to charge fees for the union of your daughter with another man or charge fees for any service for that matter rendered. By so doing you have made nonsense God's grace and you are still continuing in the old ways. Freely you received and freely you should give and offer all things. That is what is obtainable in this kingdom of God, and that is why I tell you always that you have not started Brotherhood in the main.

You charge people because you do not regard and love them as yourself and because you have no trust in them. Therefore in this kingdom, God has ruled that no fees should be charged for anything. Whatever service you render,should be done free of charge. Whatever you have belongs to the Father, and whatever the Father has belongs to all his children. Nobody has bonafide right over anything and therefore everything should be done freely. But in the world you have to pay for every inch you move. Therefore the foundation of this kingdom hinges on love.
You do not have to force anybody to do anything,because anything that is done by force lacks love. You should not beg anybody for anything because anything that requires begging has no love in it. You should not use your power or tricks to dispossess another person of his property. Such attitudes alone show the absence of love.
Hence, Brotherhood has come to practise the word of God to fulfil what has been written that this generation shall not pass away until every bit of God's words are consummated. As the worldly people rejoice in owning a car, house, marrying an new husband or wife,etc.so also is our joy full in practising the word of God and complying with His instructions,so that the word of God and His will, would be fulfilled in this generation.

Read John 4:24
Brethren have you heard the assignment of Brotherhood? He has said, "Have no other God before me and do not make unto thyself any graven image." That is why Brotherhood does not worship any other thing or rule made by man. That is why we do not have anything to do with talisman, charms, diabology and the rest of such things.
It is said, you have been given the superintendency over animals birds, the air and all other creations of God. And God added, " Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed, to you it shall be for meat. That exactly is where we stand. Also the Bible forbids us from drinking and giving any person drinks. We in Brotherhood neither drink nor give others drink. It is also said what God has joined together no man should put asunder. That is the reason we do not encourage divorce here. The man and the woman should live together peacefully. If you dare separate a wife and a husband from each other, your punishment will be greater than theirs. Another thing is that if you order or supervise the sharing of somebody's estate or inheritance you will be severely punished. We are all Brotherhood and since everything on earth belongs to our Father we should co-exist and share them together because we are all one. It is an easy thing for the entire world to accept Brotherhood if you who are inside already have portrayed and practiced its teachings.
Once you have been baptised you have become one with God and you have been made clean and therefore you should have nothing to so with drink, corpse, even if it is that of your mother or father.

Read Numbers 6:1-8
Have you heard that, it is said, let the dead bury the dead, but you should go and preach the glory of God.You have heard that when Our Lord Jesus Christ was arrested all His disciples ran away. When He was nailed to the cross it was Joseph of Arimathia who went and requested His body from Pilate, none of the disciples went because it was Joseph's due to do that. All persons have their different assignments. All men, women, children, and all other classes of people have their functions to perform- and the children of God too have their duty, that is to advise people, teach them and to lead the way. But there are some people whose duty it is bury the dead.

Therefore if you do believe that Jesus Christ was crucified and God caused Him to resurrect why then do you cry, mourn, lament, and do the things you ought not to do? What is most pathetic is that if you go to the mortuary now you will see those who passed away since last year being kept there. Why should corpses be kept for onwards of one week to six months and even one year? That person has left the mortal cell and what obtains is the dust and that should be returned to the dust. What surprises me is that even Brotherhood members succumb to the unhealthy rituals. Brotherhood members should be able to educate their people that there is nothing like death and that when somebody passes away the corpse should be promptly returned to the dust to lighten the burden on the survivors. For instance, somebody lives in your house and does not default in rent payment. When the house starts to leak he promptly calls your attention to it and as well as other problems that need to be mended in the house. If you refuse to take good care of the house despite several appeals until the tenant decides to quit and the house collapses and falls,who is to blame? And, if after the house has fallen you call people to come and make merry with you and you spend up to three times the cost of building a new house, who is a fool? How can you afford to invite people to come and make merry with you because your house has collapsed? What is the wisdom there? It is evil and unrighteous to put a dead body in the mortuary. It is an indirect way satan uses to deplete your resources. Does it mean that when such a corpse is frozen for so long, life will return to it? In some countries corpses are burnt to ashes which are then disposed of. Even if it is the corpse of a Prime Minister, it has to be incinerated.The prayer most of you offer is that God should not allow your parents to die soon, especially at a time you have no money. Brotherhood makes the whole thing very simple: If a person sleeps in the Lord, the empty case, the corpse, is quietly disposed of by burying it in the ground without any fanfare. What will follow next is to conduct evening services in the deceased person's compound for seven days and that is all. This is so because we know fully well that the main being in the person has left the abode and so there is no justification in incurring any expenses just to dispose of an empty case. It is only demented and foolish people who can afford to undertake such an exercise of spending for a corpse. Whatever you spend for the corpse is lost and you will suffer a great deal because such an act is not permitted by God. If you go and spend onward of ten to twenty thousand for a coffin alone, just to dispose of a corpse, does it mean that you have not seen beggars and the poor that you could use such money to help? What is the wisdom in doing such a thing? And if the worldly people could do such foolish acts, should people who call themselves children of the new kingdom do it too? You will discover that if we do not join the world and their ungodly tendencies, and if we also refrain from eating meat and fish all humanities will follow in that way. There are some church denominations in the world, like the Jehovah Witnesses who attach very little or no importance to these ceremonies and rituals. On the other hand there are yet many other church denominations which attach great importance to these ceremonies and rituals.It is only disappointing to find some Brotherhood members engaging in these acts. One wonders whether they are helping others to progress spiritually or to regress. If a Brotherhood member puts a corpse in the mortuary for months or years and thereafter buries it under the traditions and customs of the world, and thereby spends huge sums of money, is he doing that to the living or to the dead or to the people of the world or to God?
Brotherhood has not come to create a world unto itself or do something to please itself. It has come to serve God, to comply with all the instructions of God. He has given and revealed His glory to all mankind. When our Lord Jesus Christ was in India on a missionary journey, He had a letter from His mother informing him of the death of His father. The only reply He gave was that Joseph had finished his assignment. Therefore brethren, if you look at it closely you will discover that it is a utter foolishness to waste your time and money and energy to observe worldly traditions when somebody passes away. People who observe these traditions will never go unpunished. The meaning is simply that you do not believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. Do you think that if our Lord Jesus Christ had had that kind of mind He would have been able to undertake the service of God ? He would have wanted to stay behind and bury his parents. If He had attached importance to carnal things, when He received His mother's letter informing Him about the passing away of His father Joseph, He would have terminated his ministry work and gone home. If that constituted the work of God it would have been included in the passage in Luke:9:59-62. Brethren, have you heard that, what is this flesh to man?

Read James 4:13-16.
People in the world are making burial rites appear a life and death issue. Some people do use all the savings they have made in their life performing such exercise. It is just like a young man who is starting life and also christmas festivities. Some people are so much indebted to other persons that they can never defray such debt until they themselves are buried. MY INJUNCTION THEREFORE IS THIS THAT :NO BROTHERHOOD MEMBER SHOULD PATRONIZE MORTUARY SERVICE IN ANY FORM. ONCE SOMEBODY PASSES AWAY PROCURE A COFFIN AND DISPOSE OF THE CORPSE;MERELY RETURN THE DUST TO THE DUST. IF YOU SAY YOU WANT ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY TO COME AND SEE THE CORPSE BEFORE IT IS BURIED, WHAT WILL THEY DO WITH IT? WILL THE ARRIVAL OF OTHER PEOPLE CAUSE THE BODY TO RISE AGAIN? IT IS UTTER FOOLISHNESS TO DO SUCH A THING.
Of all people born of women, I do not think there has been any person greater than the these persons in Matthew 11:11. Concerning those two personalities, what happened to them? John was buried in the prison by his disciples, and no other person was called in to celebrate or perform any rites. Have you heard that he was put in the mortuary? Or did you hear that invitations were given to the world to come and celebrate ? Jesus the Christ, who died for our sins, was nailed to the cross at 9.00 a.m. He gave up the ghost and surrendered His soul unto the Father and at 6.00 p.m. Joseph of Arimathia collected His body and quietly buried it. Nothing more than that was done to Him. Who are you? Are you better than Jesus as you want a crowd to gather and observe rituals? Is there any person greater than John the Baptist and Our Lord Jesus Christ?
I have been advising you and I have been giving you this story about the only child one woman who was married to one of David's soldiers delivered to David. David actually loved that child so dearly. Incidentally the child became very sick and David fasted and did everything humanely possible for the child to recover,but all his efforts were of no avail. David did all that because he loved this child and his mother so dearly. That is why if somebody loves a woman he will definitely love the children born by that woman. And if a man does not love a woman he will also extend that dislike unto her children.

Because David loved this child so dearly and sacrificed for the child to survive, the attendants refused to inform David when the child died. They feared he would kill himself. But when it became obvious that the child was dead already, David requested that he should be given water to have his bath and ordered that food be prepared for him to eat. The people were surprised at the attitude of David, something they thought will result in all hell breaking loose for him. David explained to them that he went to great extent to ensure that the child would survive, but since the child had finally died there was no point in punishing the body anymore. The lesson here is that God owns all of us , He provides time for everything and for everybody. He fixes how long each person would exist. No person knows his mission on earth and how long he has to stay in the world. God is our Creator, He owns us and knows everything about us. Therefore the children of Brotherhood should cease to be foolish. All of you should wake up from your ignorance and lead and show the world the way. God is everything to us. This is what the world does not know. Now is the time for us to show to the world the truth that is in this New Kingdom. This is a duty for you and I to accomplish,because the inhabitants of the world are dying of heavy burdens out of ignorance.
In some communities, people have to spend fortunes to organize funerals. Money that they should have used in building roads, hospitals, schools, and providing pipe-borne water, the facilities that they do not have, they instead waste their money on useless things that do not give glory to God. It is said that if you refuse to serve God you will have to serve satan.Those who continue to patronize mortuary service and to conduct funeral rites should know that they are serving satan and so they are children of perdition.
Why is it that those of you who have seen God face to face and felt His presence should continue to do the things He has forbidden you to do? What is the wisdom in continuing to put corpses in mortuary, conduct funeral rites and many other things? If the world indulges in such practices in order to eat and drink, why should Brotherhood members join in doing so too when we can easily organize or feast, and eat and sing and dance? God has separated us, the children of God, from the people of the world. We have nothing in common with them. You people are foolish otherwise you would not waste the little funds you have on useless ventures of embalments and funerals. I look at you with great pity. There is no justifiable reason whatsoever for Brotherhood children to join in conducting funeral rites and keeping mourning houses. Since we do not drink or snuff, neither do we eat the same pattern of food the world is eating.

Therefore brethren your duty is to put new wine into new wine skin and to behave circumspectly. There are many people and many prominent ones too, who instruct their children and relations that they should not be put in the mortuary when they die. Some people go to the extent of warning their children and relations that their funerals should be low-keyed and it should not be followed by any traditional rites. In the entire muslim world, no importance is attached to burial and funerals that follow it. Once someone dies among the muslims, the person's position not withstanding, he will be conveyed in the same raffia made coffin and the mortal remains will be emptied into the grave and the container brought back for a repeat performance of the same function next time. If you were to have the Holy Spirit you would understand what I am telling you now and you would be able to know what it means. If you had the Holy Spirit you would have known how dirty your pattern of behavior is before God and how foolish it portrays you. That is what has brought punishment unto mankind.

Therefore,Brotherhood has not come to serve man or to observe man-made injunctions. It has rather come to serve God and to comply with all the instructions given by Him. And for that reason we have to show this truth to the world,whether they like it or not , so that the inhabitants of the world will live in peace.
A brother, the other day testified how he went to his hometown with three of his friends, and on arrival, his senior sister invited some juju doctors and soothsayers to come and do some charms in the house. As a Brotherhood member, this brother thought of how to convince these people about his non-involvement in the affair. When he inquired from his senior sister why she called the people she replied that one of the sisters had been pregnant for 15 months and could not deliver and so the people promised to make her deliver within one week. The woman told her brother that the price to effect the delivery was one thousand nairas out of which she had made an advance payment of three hundred nairas. The brother told his sister that he had a shorter way than the one she had gone in for and asked her to tell the people who had assembled to provide her the fictitious help, to go away. He told his sister who was very surprised and angry about her brother's action, that the problem was a very simple one, and that his Father would solve the problem within a short space of time. He therefore went on to dismiss the fictitious helper and he asked his sister to sister to kneel down and he prayed over her and lo and behold she safely delivered a baby the day after. This testimony is to confirm the fact that we have a great deal of work to do. And it is said that any person who knows a good thing to do but fails to do it, that becomes a sin against him. Because of the work done by God through that brother, three of his friends and a lot of others accepted to be baptized into Brotherhood. This also proves to you the there is no juju- making and the patronizing of medicine. It is pathetic to find Brotherhood members in these places. What actually do you go to do in these places? There is no sickness God does not cure here. Ranging from blindness, leprosy, hernia, to every kind of sickness, God alone can cure them all.People in the world come in here for peace and salvation, but you who are in here go out to roam for peace.

If you have faith and believe in Him, you will find that there is no infirmity He cannot cure here. The Father has cured various sickness here and the testimonies abound to confirm this. Some people are brought here from hospitals where they have been declared hopeless. But the moment they arrive here and the Holy Father places His hands on their heads, whatever kind of sickness they came with vanishes from them. Your problem is faithlessness, otherwise there is no sickness God cannot cure.
When Hezekiah received a letter from the King of Assyria threatening to wage war with him and to destroy his nation, King Hezekiah did not go to any necromancer or a soothsayer for salvation. He went into the temple and prayed to God believing that everything was possible with Him. After that, God sent Isaiah unto King Hezekiah to tell him that he should not be afraid of the words of the King of Assyria, and that God will send a blast upon him and cause him to fall by the sword in his own hand. In the end God sent only one angel who destroyed the whole of the Assyrian army and its people at war. And it came to pass as he was worshipping in the house of Nisroch, his god, that Adrammelech and Sharezer his sons smote him with the sword; and they escaped into the land of Armenia. (Isaiah 37:1-38). History has repeated itself this day .Two warring factions in Agwagune and Adim in Cross River State have been warring against each other for twenty years now. I am telling you these things because you do not know the place you are in, otherwise you would not go out to the world to disgrace and defile yourselves.

When those two warring villages were invited by the Holy Father, they were asked to conduct a feast in each village and jointly eat it in order to be in peace and tranquility. Agwagune people obeyed but Adim people refused to do theirs. The Holy Father called them again and warned them that if they do not urgently go and celebrate that feast, to allow peace a chance to reign in the area they will find themselves in a very precarious condition. In any case, it is necessary at times for somebody or some people to be stubborn in order that the glory of God may be made manifest. The Adim people did not want any peace treaty, they wanted to assume ownership of the land under dispute and cultivate it by any possible means. I want you to know that there is something more to Brotherhood than making the blind to see, the barren to bear children, and the sick to be healed. I do my soothsaying with a live tortoise. The Adim people were fully set for another war with Agwagune as they had refused to abide by the Holy Father's peace proposal. The Agwagune people, on noticing this came to the Father and complained about the new development by the Adim people and requested the Father to tell them what He wanted them to do since He had warned both parties not to engage in any fight. The Father pronounced that they should go and relax, that Adim people would never set their feet on Agwagune soil. He further told them that nobody can deceive God, that they were still indulging in diabology and various forms of juju-making and charms. The Father asked them to go and be baptized into Brotherhood. All the people and the chiefs went and got baptized accordingly. Adim people did not relent in their efforts to wage a fresh war against Agwagune.They got themselves fully prepared on the D day and set off into the bushes as usual. On arrival there they were completely covered with so much darkness that even if one used flash-light with loaded new batteries it would be difficult to see beyond a short distance,but they turned homeward when they saw the light. After trying unsuccessfully for quite a long time the Holy Father appeared to them and asked them to go and they obeyed the voice of God. It was at this stage they came back and joined hands with their neighbors to celebrate the revealed full feast. Many of you here think that the work of Brotherhood is only to heal the sick and do other petty things. You did not know that Brotherhood had so much power and it is in the scheme of things of Brotherhood to serve as mediator and peacemaker. The same thing happened between Ebom and Usumutong people. When Ebom people were asked to celebrate a common feast, a relation of the paramount ruler of Ebom told him not to do the feast because, according to him, he saw the chief being afflicted with leprosy immediately after the feast.Because of this he refused to celebrate the feast.
Suddenly something spectacular happened to them because of their disobedience. People started to die in dozens each day, starting even from the person who had the dream and because of that, the Ebom chief and his people went to consult an oracle. There they were told that somebody in red garment was seen in their midst and He had told them to celebrate a feast with rice, groundnut, sugar cane, bananas, etc. Since they refused, they will never have peace.They then ran to the Holy Father and conveyed their preparedness to comply with His instructions. And the moment they went and celebrated the feast jointly with their neighbor, peace and tranquility came back to them. They all live in harmony today. There are various other communities like that, constantly at war with one another. The Father has decreed that there shall be no more war; no person with a gun or any other implement of war will be able to see the children of God let alone shoot at or harm them.
Once the Father has given a stop order, who can defy it? When the Holy Father, through His Apostles and Evangelists, went to Ekim Mbuk, a village that was at war with its neighbor Idoro in Itu Local Government Area, He instructed them to celebrate a full feast and stop fighting. He told them if they obeyed, something of joy would happen to them. They did not believe because already they had lost so much in the war, both in human and material loses. But because they obeyed and celebrated the full feast, one of their sons,Pastor Okon A. Essien-Umo, won the Local Government Chairmanship election. It was at that point that they marvelled and took Brotherhood into their trust.
I tell you these things so that you will believe in God; because there is so much doubt in your minds. If you hear testimonies from various quarters about the power in this place you will not fail to be surprised and no Brotherhood member will ever go to court or go to the hospital for anything sake. You will also not consult oracle and believe in mundane things. There is wisdom here, and there is truth, love, mercy, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all here, and everything else you can think of. What then do you find in the world, satan's kingdom?

This day is set aside so that all the inhabitants of the world may come in and hear the words of God from the horse's own mouth,so that nobody will deceive you anymore. It is better for us to hear the voice of God than that of man. If your relation passes away and you suggest that he should be buried in the way of God but your people refuse, abandon the corpse to them. If your relation is sick and you say that he should be prayed over and your people refuse and insist on taking him to the hospital, give them the chance to do their will. If you give money to them to go to the hospital it means you are encouraging such practise. An adage says that if you reject the water yam, you should not drive the goat away from feeding on it. Now is the time for Brotherhood to stand firm on its feet and walk circumspectly. Right from the time Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit of good and evil all the inhabitants of the world have derailed from the path of rectitude. Many of you here still continue to indulge in diabology,go to the hospital, and you say that if God helps you, you have to help yourself. This in effect means that you do not believe in God.

Read Romans 14: 22-32.
Brethren have you heard your problem ? You call Olumba Olumba Obu only in your lips but you fail to believe fervently in God inside your minds and hearts. You would be surprised if you were to see the kind of faith exhibited by the various warring communities in the Holy Father, but for those of you who are here, no matter what kind of miracle that is performed by the Father you continue to doubt Him.
When the Father says I am before and behind you nine-nine percent of you do not believe. Your normal argument is that how can somebody stay at 34 Ambo Street,Calabar, and say He is before and behind every member. That is why the scriptures have said blessed is the person who does not see but believes. The kind of faith that is possessed by the people of the world can hardly be found among members. Today it has pleased the Father that you all have faith.
Right now the faith of many of you is in the holy oil, Biakpan water and having the Father's hand placed on your forehead. If you believe in these things that you see then you stand to be condemned by the statement in the scripture that blessed is the person who does not see, yet believes. If you believe in God and go ahead and practice His gospel you shall have no problems. To be a Brotherhood does not consist in being baptised only.

Now I have instructed all the prophets and prophetesses and senior prophetesses to come together and form their own fellowship like every other group of the ordained ones and plan their own work in this kingdom. We have Men's Fellowship, Women's Fellowship, General Fellowship, All- Ordained Fellowship, Apostle\Evangelist Fellowship, Deaconesses Fellowship, and the rest of the fellowships. Right now all the ordained brothers must form their own fellowship like the all-ordained sisters.
From this year onward, nobody should stay behind and request God to give him money, husband, wife, children, etc,etc,. It is time everybody got into the field which is already ripe and worked. Also put all the injunctions you have been taught into practise. After all we are all crusaders, Christ students, Christ servants, preachers, and so on.
You have seen the Leader with your naked eyes and have touched and felt Him. What again do you do with the Father's photograph? His photograph should be given to those who have never seen Him before so they can see what He looks like.
Your duty is to get into the world and preach and practise the word of God. What do you do with holy oil? You have been given power in heaven and on earth to say, "let," and death, sickness, or any other form of infirmities disappear. The holy oil is meant to be used on those who are outside, and they need your help. In Brotherhood we do not count beads like Muslims, neither do we worship the Roman Catholic way. We are different from the rest of them and we have very special ways of doing our things. That woman in Enugu who claims to be the mother of Jesus or the Holy Father is telling lies. In fact she is not known as a Brotherhood member and therefore she has nothing to do with Brotherhood. We do not require any other photograph, THE ONLY PHOTOGRAPH THAT IS REQUIRED HERE IS LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

The reason why the use of the Father's photograph is not wanted is that rogues and swindlers use it to deceive people. A Non-Brotherhood can buy one and keep in his house and when you talk about Brotherhood he promptly removes it from his shelf and tells you he is a Brotherhood member and knows the Father very well. Even some people who came here and got baptized and procured all the necessary baptismal membership card, etc. ARE NOT TRUE BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS. They do these things so that their dubious intentions may be enhanced. A great many people sew their white and wear and move about claiming to be Brotherhood members. They are in the group of deceivers.
Henceforth, the injunction I have given shall continue to prevail: before anybody is baptised, he has to confess his or her sins in the first place and then denounce membership of every secret or traditional society he or she had belonged to. He also has to discard all his charms in his possession. Today what happens is that immediately someone comes around, even without confessing his sins, he gets baptised, with all his charms and talisman all over his body. When you immerse that kind of a person into the water, is he baptised in the real sense and meaning of the exercise? You persuade people to get baptised so that their problems will be solved.

Read Matthew 3:5-6.
When your father got baptised did he confess his sins ? Initially it used to be that before I even placed my hand upon anybody's head he had to confess his sins and throw away all his diabology. But today the case is different ; all sorts of persons, both baptised and non-baptised, are brought before me for blessing. A great many of you go pleading with the people of the world to come and be baptised so that their court cases would be squashed and so that their diverse problems would be solved. Does it mean that the essence of baptism into Brotherhood is so that their problems would be solved? The essence of baptism into Brotherhood is soul- saving and that is why somebody, first of all has to confess his sins, denounce membership of all the diabolical societies and then become truly repentant. The person can then be baptized after fully receiving the word of God.
The whole of Brotherhood world has been given the injunction to go into the vineyard and make the whole world one. The injunction is not meant for Christ servants alone, neither is it for the ordained ones nor the Christ students alone. All power in heaven and earth has been given to you to go out and preach the gospel of God to the nations and make them one onto the Lord. You should go out in twos and threes and preach the gospel of salvation to all the nations of the world. When a multitude of you go in a lorry and you go and sing and dance and make noise, you do not accomplish the assignment of imparting the word of God to the people. Only recently the Apostles/Evangelist Fellowship have started to realise the seriousness and effectiveness of going in twos and threes on ministry work rather than going in dozens. This has proved very much effective when only three of them went to Ghana recently. Our work is not inside the house. That was why Christ said if you are told he is in the desert or in the room you should not go there. Our work is outside in the cities, the market square, the church denomination , in the farms, in the offices, in the schools, and everywhere people are. Go there and give them the word of God and inform about this new kingdom of God. Those who accept the good news and are willing to baptize you should also baptize and so on. Brotherhood is not like the secret societies that conduct their affairs inside closed doors and struggle for position. We have to go outside and spread this light. That is what makes us different.

Do not go out and preach against any of the church denominations or people. What you have to preach is oneness and tell them that we are all from the same source and preach love. You do not only have to preach love to them, but you have to also practise love. You should not share in any evil communication, or in any sinful or unholy acts. The only message of the entire Brotherhood preaching is about love, truth, oneness, murder, malice, and so on. You are asked not to say any evil word against any church denomination, any group, or any individual. Only preach the gospel of peace, love, mercy, patience, humility, meekness, charity, and all the virtues of God. That is the work you are expected to go out in twos and threes to go and do. That saves each fellowship the transportation and maintenance cost.

Read Luke 10:1-2
One preacher and one visioner can go on a ministry work and God can use them to perform more wonderful works than several peoples departing for ministry work in multitudes. Such multitudes only and quarrel, explore business opportunities while others go just to know those places, for example people like to visit America and so on. If you do not have the money to go abroad, what about your locality? It appears to me many of you do not know the advantages of preaching the gospels.

Read 1st. Corinthians 1:19-24
Brethren have you heard that? To go and preach the gospel brings salvation and prosperity and peace and blessing to you and your family and to those who listen to the words. Instead of waiting for people to come and preach to you, it is your duty to go out and preach to the world. The salvation we are looking for is in going out to preach to the world and also practise the words of God and not in the number of gallons of holy oil or Biakpan water you drink. The time has now come for all of you to go out into the world and preach the gospel and tell the people about this new kingdom. This is not the time for you to come and ask the Father to say a word so that your problem may be solved.
Let me tell you that the work of God has its own classifications. There is the infant class, the elementary class, the secondary class, and the post secondary. The state Brotherhood has reached now is the post-secondary level, the university level. What class do you think was the word of God that Our Lord Jesus Christ preached? In those days you only had to believe that Our Lord is the Son of God, and that alone gave you the entry qualification . But is that the only thing now?

Read Hebrews 6:1-2.
Revelation - Prof. Assasu Inyang-Ibom:
"After the year 1999 will the entire world enjoy God's government in the whole universe. Whatever we see now day after day is the Father's work. Because of the world's unbelief and blasphemy there is going to be famine in the entire world, but the children of God will not lack what to eat. Even billionaires will lack what to eat but those who believe in the deity of the Holy Father will never lack. Right now the Nuns are not allowed to come here but the Atlantis and Numeria are going into the markets to buy every kind of foodstuff into their homes where the Nuns go and buy because they are not allowed to come out here. The mermaids are also allowed to come to our markets and buy our food stuffs. That is why very shortly a billionaire will go to the market with bunches of money, but will not find anything to buy. But you who believe in Him will never lack. These things shall happen before 1999 to the unbelievers as a punishment. There is no child of perdition amongst the members of Brotherhood. And very shortly food-stuff will not be spread out to the view of everybody because by that time thieves shall abound and they will not hesitate to snatch any ware from any seller. Trading shall be conducted only between relations and very close friends. There will be incurable diseases, increased robbers, prostitutes, and a lot of injustice. The Holy Father shall overcome all these things and change them. Those who will survive the tide and witness the year 2000 shall be obedient unto the Holy Father and shall all be holy. The Revelation of Isaiah and John the Divine has come to pass which says that at the fullness of time all nations shall come to Him and be taught by Him. (Isaiah 2). That revelation is fulfilled here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. By 1999 there be only one place of worship which invariably is Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and one Teacher. In the 8th. month of the year 2000, all the kingdoms of this world will be one and there shall be one King (Rev.11:16). In His rule the army shall not be needed,there will be no more war and people shall live in peace. During His reign all mad people, the blind, the dumb, the lame, shall all be healed, and everything shall be made new and perfect. There will be no more charm removers and so on. After 1999 there shall cease to be ownership of property by any individual. Everything will belong to only one person, the Sole Spiritual Head. And whatever belongs to God belongs also to the children of God. Right now we must start to regard whatever we have as being owned by the Father. That explains why the children of Brotherhood inscribe O.O.O. on their various property. At that time you will not own even your children or wife or husband."
I want you to regard yourselves as one, and you should love one another.

Read Matthew 25:34-40.
Brethren, have you heard that ? You give whatever you have only to the Father but you fail to take care of your brethren who are needy and disabled. If you know that we are one, you will love one another and you will adopt the principle of live and let live.
Everybody should be ready and willing to contribute towards the Brotherhood road project. The project has brought glory to this Kingdom and has caused many people in the area to be baptized and accept God. It is said, faith without work is dead; give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God to God.

Read Matthew 19:28-29.
That is the promise of God to all those who stand firm in faith. We are not like the owl that lives a secluded life. Therefore believe fervently that whatever you have put into Brotherhood, including the suffering you have undergone, when all things will be made anew, you will be rewarded accordingly, a hundredfold. Our existence here is like a contract job which if properly executed the contractor is promptly paid his due. The promise of God stands firm. The whole world is yet to have a Leader. At the fullness of time, when the entire world shall be under one leadership, the children of God shall suffer no more. When I told you these things Prof. Assasu Inyang-Ibom was not here. But his revelation goes to confirm everything. When a cow is delivering in the market square there is no need to ask it to close its legs. Whatever you can do to God, do it now, otherwise what will be your gain or reward at the fullness of time when all things will be made anew ? If you cannot endure the storm till the end how can you be crowned? If you have to put in every effort and sacrifice in order to succeed in your worldly endeavors, how much more do you think is expected of you to do in God's affairs? If your eyes were to be open you would not hesitate in His duty.
Every kobo you spend for God's service is not lost, you will be rewarded accordingly. Whether you are abused, stoned, disgraced, or whatever they do to you,you do not suffer in vain. You have to store your treasure in heaven where nothing shall tamper with it. He has promised you prosperity, glory, and eternal life if you endure to the end.

Read Hebrews 6 :1-2.
All of you are still in the canal stage; you continue to explain that the Father has not placed his hands on you, He has not done this or that. The Father does not love me, He does not call me to give testimony. He does not shout hallelujah when I am giving testimony,and all that.

Read 1st Corinthians 3:1-6
" Brethren, the king of the universe has come to rule over everything. The time is too short from now to the end of the rule of the world; we have barely eleven years from now to 1999. We are seeing things fall apart from today. The people in the other worlds under us, the people of the moon, numeria and the rest of them have been wanting to come in full swing to enjoy the presence of the Holy One in our midst. They want to come and see Him face to face. A lot of these people from various worlds underneath have been coming to this plane of manifest and have been going to places like the market and the streets."
Brethren, you will notice that even the second brother of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the mother of Christ did not believe that Jesus was the son of God, despite various miracles He performed.
When His carnal father, Joseph died the Lord was on ministry work to India. To show you that Mary did not know who her child was she wrote Him a strongly worded letter, telling Him that his father was dead. It was very difficult to believe in Him. Mary did not know that it was Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself who created Joseph,His purported father, for a purpose and after he had fulfilled that purpose he had to vacate the scene. It is because of their unbelief that we commit spiritual assassination against ourselves and our fellow humans. The whole world is now handing over to the rule of the Almighty God.

Thank you Father.
REFERENMCE: Farewell Address on April 23,1988, by
Leader Olumba Olumba Obu,
The Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe.
You need to see Father help and console the bereaved in the heart. He would say: "Weep not, your relation is not dead, death is a cruel word, there is nothing like it. He has finished his assignment, he needs the flesh no more. Beyond your sight is another task for him, after that task he passes on to yet another task till he attains the crown of a perfect life, and where he has gone all shall go.
If you harbor any grief, and give way to sorrow in your heart, these sentiments will grow greater and you will be nothing but grief. Help your relation, for he seeks solace now more than ever. He is glad when you are glad, and sad when you are sad. Rise up bury your woes, and smile at grief, and then help others bury their tears."
Brethren, is this not enough to relieve the broken hearted? For other church leaders , instead of their doing this they will rather dupe the bereaved by keeping mourning houses,drinking to death, and committing different havocs and leaving the bereaved penniless with more grief. Leader Obu is a model. Love is His warrior, captain, armour. Love ties all, and wins all. AMEN.

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