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» » Man's Ego and the Function of Tribulation in Our Life.

Man has a mind and with it he develops his ego. Both are in consequence of the Adamic spirit when God breathed into him. The mind with the ego are necessary in man for they bestow self consciousness in man. This self consciousness gives man his awareness of God in him and is what sets man apart and superior to other animals. It gives man the sense of his individuality as a distinct creation of God on earth. Man knows himself physically. Other animals do not know themselves. But the ego in particular, has its spiritual weakness, and in combination with free will that man also possesses, man has been choosing the wrong paths in his activities in life. Man's ego has a detrimental effect on the spiritual transformation of man if he does not subject his ego under the control of his spirit. The ego is self centred and desires principally the mundane things of life. It encourages pride. It makes man to concentrate on himself and his self glory rather than on God and God's glory. Satan uses man's ego and mind to block man's spiritual consciousness and lures him into ungodliness and materialism. Man requires spiritual transformation to free himself from the dominance of his ego over his spirit. It is for this purpose that God generally subjects his prophets, faithful messengers, the saints, the elects of God, the disciples of God to tribulation on earth during their life and service to God on earth. It can and often is in the form of poverty in material riches and in the lack of the glory of this world. It can also be in sickness or any other mode of tribulation. Riches itself is from God, and is one of the twelve powers given to man by God. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu nick names it "man power", the other eleven powers being of the spirit and not mundane as in earthly riches. Earthly riches shall be made available to man when he is able to handle the riches for the glory of God and without enthroning the ego and allowing his ego to dominate his spirit and lead him away from God. The selfish desire for, the acquisition and accumulation for selfish use of earthly riches and glory nourish and strengthen the ego in man. The man's mind tends towards materialism, self glory, greed, conceit, arrogance, carnality, and all types of ungodliness in his daily life. Such man cannot enter the kingdom of God because he lacks the quality of humility, selflessness, love, godliness and righteousness necessary for the entry. Our Lord Jesus Christ knew this truth, so in His encounter with rich young ruler who wanted to follow him, He recommended that the young man should go and sell all his earthly possession, give them to the poor and come and follow Him. The young man rejected this. (Matthew 10:17-25). Tribulation principally subdues the ego in man and opens his spirit to God. It reveals God to man and opens the path way for his spirit to be active over his mind, and ego thus allow humility, love, selflessness, righteousness and other virtues of God to be planted in him and allowed to manifest in his life. Tribulation is not a punishment from God. It is rather a spiritual surgery by God to remove the deadly spiritual disease of materialism and carnality in man. Such man shall more easily achieve spiritual transformation into righteousness. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu teaches that we flee from materialism, the inordinate lust for, and the accumulation of earthly wealth, if we must enter the kingdom of God. He says that we must accept tribulation (cross) gladly in our life because it is the key into the kingdom of God. It enables righteousness to be installed in man. Righteousness is the key into the kingdom God.

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