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"She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more."

"Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee."

"My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus the righteous."

Brethren that is the theme of our revelation this night. Can you now realise how much the Father has loved us? Can you also relise how a child is his own enemy? The three texts are focused on this same point. It is said the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus Our Lord. This explains God's insistence that we should not commit sin.
Brethren, why is it that you do not harken to the instructions of the Lord? Does it mean that you prefer death to life? Does it mean that you prefer sickness to good health? Do you prefer poverty to wealth? Can you now realise what has confronted the entire world?
From the beginning of times, God has always advised that man should not commit any act of sin, that his children should not commit any act of evil. Sin results in death, sin results in poverty, in exasperation, sin also results in all tribulations affecting the children of men. It is sin which completely separates man from God. If Adam did not commit any act of sin, God would not have departed form him, and he would not have suffered the punishment which afflicted him.
Why do you continue to confess your sins everyday? Tomorrow you confess again that you have sinned and that God should forgive you. How long will you continue to confess your sins, only to indulge in the same sin again. Do you think that if you put your hands into fire, you will not be burnt? Have you not heard that to obey is better than sacrifice,(1 Sam 15:22), and to harken than the fat of rams. Whosoever commits any act of sin does not love his life.
When you are beset with sickness, you begin to murmur against God and blaspheme against Him. Can your murmuring and blasphemy take your sickness away? When disgrace is staring you in the face, you run away to hide somewhere and you also cry and lament. Can these take disgrace away? From the beginning of times God has never liked sin. No matter how dearly God has loved you when you commit sin, He will desert you. I DO NOT BELIEVE THERE IS ANY OTHER PERSON HE LOVED MORE DEARLY THAN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.
When in heaven God asked, who will go and save man on earth, Heaven remained silent and none opted to go. But Our Lord Jesus Christ voluntarily offered to go. He was advised not to go because the world was inhabited by wicked people who would kill him. He accepted to go and die on behalf of mankind. He was prepared to die for the sake of his brethren, his friends, his brothers. He who was the king of the angels, who was spotlessly sinless, who was the heir of God, sitting on the right hand of God the Father. Can you realise the love which God has for mankind and the hatred which man has for himself? He came down from heaven and suffered as a thief, as a murderer, the worldly people blashphemed against Him and made many allegations against Him, disgraced Him, and defamed His character for my sake, and for the sake of all the inhabitants of the world. He who has not committed any sin at all, and who has not offended against any person but because of my sake, or your sake, that I may live, and that you may live, and that the inhabitants of the world may live and enjoy themselves, He gave His life as a ransom for many. Why is it that man does not want to abide by the instructions of God? Man, why do you not refrain from sin?
It is written that Christ will not die. Why then did he suffer the three days death? It was because of my sins and your sins. I want to show you that God is no respecter of persons. If Our Lord Jesus Christ did not pledge His life for my sake and your sake, what would death do to Him? Who would spit at Him? Who would curse and abuse Him? Who would have called Him beelzebub? If he did not drink of that cup of sin and woe that night, how would God forsake Him? Upon the several times they made attempts on His life, were they able to kill Him? Did any person go near Him? I want to show to you who do not want to refrain from sin that the moment you commit any sin, God departs from you, He forsakes you. When you steal even one kobo, He departs from you. When you fornicate, He departs from you. When you commit the minutest sin, (Of course no sin is minute), He will have no communinion with you again. IT WAS BECAUSE HE DRANK THAT CUP OF OUR SINS AND WOE THAT GOD FORSOOK HIM AT THAT CRITICAL MOMENT.
It is said a bird sings melodiously when it is not yet fallen into a snare or trap. But when it is caught by a trap the melody will no longer be heard. Remember that it was the night that Our Lord Jesus had his sweat turn into blood and he fell three times with his face on the ground praying that if the Father willed, the cup should pass away from him, but he decision had already been taken on the matter and the cup did not pass away from Him. Note that it was it was because of the cup of woe that He drank that He died. Have you not heard when he shouted on the cross, "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani, My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?" It was because of the cup of the world's woe that He accepted to take as a surety to all the inhabitants of the world, that He died.
What crime did your senior brother commit that he would be allowed to live alone in the kingdom of God and that he should go to seek and redeem and save mankind unto himself? Were you created from sin? Have you not heard that God created man in His own image and likeness? What is the likeness of God in man? IT IS LOVE, IT IS PEACE, TRUTH, MERCY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, PATIENCE, JOY, THESE AND MANY OTHERS ARE THE LIKENESS OF GOD IN MAN, THE ELEMENTS WITH WHICH GOD BEGOT MAN. BUT WHO DO YOU RESEMBLE, THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT, BECAUSE A GOOD SON MUST RESEMBLE HIS FATHER.
From that time this same gospel of "FORSAKE SIN" has always been preached, but inspite of this, you continue to indulge in all acts of sin, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in the night and everytime. With your persistence have you found peace in your lives? Look at the position of the world. You must search for the black goat when it is not yet dark. God has decleared publicly that whosoever commits sin is worthy of death. This declaration has come to stay because God honors his words. Ab initio, it has always been preached about repentance, that men should refrain from sin. Noah preached for one hundred and twenty years about abstinence from sin, but man has not complied with nor does he even listen to him. At the end of it, God destroyed the world with a great flood because the wages of sin is death. When you commit any act of sin your wage is death.
All our sickness, all our encumberances and pestilences and the storm of life, and wretchedness, and imprisonment and all other problems and difficulties afflicting us are for reason of our sinfulness. Look at a one time beautiful girl, but if she gives you food now, you would not like to eat because she has become a very dirty and ugly girl because of sin.
Man was not created to be old or sick, or to be hungry or to lack money or to be poor. Man should not do anything, he was meant to be served by angels, but because of sin, that you have resolved that you will never refrain from, that is why you are beset with problems. The sins we are forbidden from committing by God, are what we commit, but the good things we ought to have done, we do not do. What do you expect God to do?
He had sent His angels to warn you not to commit sin. But do you listen to Him who has refrained from sin? He sent His prophets to announce to you to refrain from sin that you may live. Who has accepted to comply with such instructions? If you had left the angels and the prophets who were sent,to return, when you disobeyed, it would have been better, but you killed them, beat up some of them, wounded some and imprisoned others, that they ought not to have warned you.
If you recall, why Our Lord Jesus Christ was hated was that he preached to the people to refrain from sin. Why was John the Baptist killed? It was because John told Herod that he should not have married the wife of his half-brother because it was sinful. That is why he was killed. John also pointed out to Herod his evil and all his sinful ways, and that was why John was imprisoned and later on killed because Herod contended that he had insulted and disgraced him. Even today, if somebody advises that you should not prostitute about, you will die with that adviser. You will find a means of killing him. If you are advised not to indulge yourself in the preparation of concoction and charms, you will find a way to kill the person advising you. If somebody advices that you should not tell lies again you will want to finish with that person because you will regard him as committing a sin against you, a crime worthy of death. If some other person advises you to fornicate, and indulge in the preparation of concoction, and to commit murder, that person will be your bossom friend.
It is said when the battle is tough, the king will lead the army. Can you observe the love which God has for us by sending us the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, at this end of time. With His long patience, He sent his angels and you killed some, imprisoned others. He also sent His prophets and apostles but you disturbed and tortured them. He finally sent His only begotten Son, and when you saw Him you killed him also. What do you expect Him to do? This explains why Our Lord Jesus Christ gave them a parable:
That a certain king planted a vineyard and hedged it round about, then digged a wine press in it and built a tower and let it out to husbandmen to take care of.
When the time of harvest drew near, he sent his servants to the husbandmen to inspect the vineyard. But the husbandmen drove them away, beat one up, killed another, and stoned the other. He sent again other servants more than the first, and the husbandmen did the same things to them. At last He sent His only begotten son, satisfied that when they see him, they would reverence and obey him. But when the husbandmen saw him, instead of fearing him, they said "This is the heir, come let us kill him and let us seize the inheritance." And they caught him and cast him out of the vineyard and killed him in order that the vineyard might revert to them.
After giving them the parable, he then asked them when the Lord of the vineyard, invariably the king would come, what will he do to those wicked husbandmen? They themselves answered, "He will mercilessly destroy those wicked husbandmen, and he will let the vineyard to other husbandmen who would give him fruits at their seasons.
It was there and then that he asked them;" Did you not read from the Scriptures, the stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner." (Luke 20:9-17). This is the work of God and it is marvelous in our eyes. And he concludes that the kingdom will be taken away from them and given to a nation which will bear good fruits. Brethren, have you heard that? God does not want us to do any other thing, he only wants us to refrain from sin completely. When you refrain from sin you have entered the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of love, joy, heaven, peace, and all the virtues of God.
You come here everyday and shout: "Halleujah," and yet you still indulge in all acts of sin. Know that you will not enter, for you sit here and deceive yourself, that all your problems are solved and that you have peace. That is erroneous because as soon as you depart from here the problems will start to weigh you down and you begin to groan with your pain, but when you testified you gave the impression that you were in heaven. Who did you deceive? If it is announced now that all those who have problems should come in, all of you will come in because all of you have problems of various forms.
But when you are enjoined to forsake sin, you will all keep quiet and begin to frown your faces. But God sworn saying, "Upon my life all knees shall bow and all tongues will confess me." (Philippians 2:10-11). The first Lesson will now be read.

"She said, No man, Lord, And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee, go, and sin no more."
Brethren, have you heard that? Do you think that when you sin and confess it to God, and He forgives you that you should continue to sin? Have you heard what He had added? He says, " neither do I condemn you, go, and sin no more."
ALL OUR SUFFERINGS COME AS A RESULT OF SIN. AT ANYTIME YOU CONFESS YOUR SINS AND REFRAIN FROM THEM, SIN WILL DEPART FROM YOU. IF YOU GO BACK TO SIN AGAIN, YOU WILL AGAIN BE AFFLICTED EVEN MUCH MORE HEAVILY THAN AT FIRST. That is why you argue that when you came into Brotherhood initially, you were disentangled from your problems but now you experience difficulties which have multiplied and have also become insurmountable. Examine yourself, have you not gone back to commit the same sin which you denounced? Some people were fornicators but when they read "First Step to God" they refrained from fornication and their problems ended. After some time they started fornicating again and their problems multiplied. Some came as necromancers but after reading through "First Step to God," they forsook their necromancing and burnt their secret and occult books and their problems ended, and they obtained peace for their souls. But when they became again entangled with necromancing they started to suffer with unprecedented gravity.
Our Lord Jesus Christ said if I had not wrought these wonderful works amonsgt you, you would have been excusble but since I have done all these things in your midst, you have no excuse. It is said a servant who knows the will of his Lord and he is not prepared to keep it will be beaten with many stripes. But a servant who does not know the will of the Lord, but commit offences worthy of stripes shall be beaten with a few stripes. (Luke 12:47)
That is why those who are outside and do not know that fornication, or drinking, or theft, or crying, or funerals, or preparation of concoction is sinful, when they suffer, they attribute the causes to witchcraft, or mermaid, or apparition, but in your case, since you have known that your sufferings are the wages of the sins you committed what will be your defence? Such sins are referred to as deliberate sins. You know that falsehood, or theft, or fornication is sin, but you defy all odds and commit these sins. You have committed these sins deliberately, and what do you think about yourself, do you love yourself at all?
There is neither witchcraft, nor charms, nor apparition, nor man, but it is the sin that you plunge yourself into which death, sickness, poverty, and all the storms of life which afflict the inhabitants of the world.
GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR SACRIFICES OF RAM, OR OF SHEEP, OR OF BUYING CARS OR OF BUILDING HOUSES BUT HE WANTS YOU TO REFRAIN FROM SIN AND FOLLOW HIM. Read the scriptures about the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why were the cities consumed with fire? Read Isaiah 1: 10-32and you will find the reason for the setting ablaze of these two cities. God told them publicly that their sacrifices of unrighteousness were not pleasing in his sight. "To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me, said the Lord. I am full of burnt offerings of rams or of he goats. When you pray I hide my face from you and I will not hear your prayers." And God told them, "Come now and let us reason together, though your sins as scarlet, they will be white as snow, though they be red as crimson, they shall be (white) as wool. If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. But if you refuse and rebel, you will be devoured with the sword." As they had refused to become reconciled with God have you not heard what happened to them? Why did that conflagration descend from heavens and consume all the inhabitants except Lot and his household? It was because of sin which you have been advised to refrain from but you bluntly refused.
God has nothing to do with sin. He has also sworn that upon His life, He will not endure sin. Remember also the city of Nineveh, God sent Jonah to inform the inhabitants of Nineveh that if they fail to refrain from their iniqities, they would be struck with destruction. When the King of Nineveh heard the message he descended from his throne, rend his royal paraphanelia, put on sack clothes and rolled in dust and ashes, all the inhabitants fell on dust and wept and put on sack clothes and showed their penitence. They repented and begged God to forgive their iniquities. Have you heard that they were ever destroyed? THEY WERE SAVED BECAUSE THEY REPENTED AND BECAME RECONCILED WITH GOD. That is why it is said the gate of heaven is open for those who repent. IF YOU PERISH IT IS ONLY BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT REPENTED. RIGHT NOW, THIS NIGHT, IF YOU CONFESS YOUR SINS AND BECOME TRUELLY REPENTANT, YOU HAVE SEEN GOD AND YOU HAVE ENTERED HEAVEN.
Complaints about pains in the waist, in the lower abdomen, in the eye, lack of money, lack of good health, charms, wet dreams and and other complaints will be completely exterminated if you only refrain completely from sin right now. As you continue to sing, dance, and tie the girdle and sleep here day and night and call on Olumba Olumba Obu and at the same time you still fornicate and steal and tell lies, and indulge in preparation of concoction and charms, and begruding people, you are moving from the frying pan to the fire.
This warfare is that of Amargeddon, have you ever heard about it? It is a spiritual warfare. What were you told by Our Lord Jesus Christ? He says at the end of the world the Son of Man will send forth his angels and shall gather out of His kingdom all things which offend and them which do iniquity, and they will be set ablaze.
Why do you come in here and do not realise that God does not require any person to commit sin? What are you taught everyday from January to December every year? I teach you to refrain from sin. Do you believe that if you do not forsake sin that you will be able to do any good thing? THE FIRST DUTY OF MAN IS TO REFRAIN FROM SIN. When he refrains from sin, and once he does this then it means he will be able to do what is good. But a person who does not refrain from sin cannot do what is good till doomsday. It is said the testimony of two or three persons confirms a fact and it is true. Some of you think that if you had money, you would have given it to God. GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR MONEY. HE WANTS YOU TO FORSAKE SIN SO THAT YOU MAY BE SAVED AND REDEEMED. Others argue that if they had melodious voices they would have rendered songs to God. GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR SONGS BUT HE WANTS US TO REFRAIN FROM SIN SO THAT WE MAY HAVE LIFE AND PEACE. Learn a lesson from the story of David. He wanted to build a house for God. What did God tell him? Your hands are soiled with blood, and that his son would build a house for God, but for him, his money should perish with him.
O friend, upon the love God has for man, yet did he reject the house. Are you surprised that the millionaires we have in our midst do not contribute anything and they cannot be seen here? Why is it so? He does not require such money or much rest. IF YOU DO NOT REPENT WHERE WILL YOU BE? HE WANTS YOU TO REPENT AND NOT YOUR WEALTH THAT IS REQUIRED. Some choirmasters and mistresses can sing melodiously outside, but if they are assigned to a duty in the Hall, they cannot sing. GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE THE SONGS OF AN EVIL MAN. HE WANTS YOU TO ABSTAIN FROM SIN. AS YOU GO BACK REMEMBER THE ONLY THING GOD WANTS FROM US IS TO ABSTAIN FROM SIN SO THAT WORSE THINGS MAY NOT HAPPEN TO US.
Tell the whole world, the traditional rulers, the kings and emperors and the handsome and beautiful people, the wise and prudent and those who call themselves good, the church denominations, that God instructs that we should refrain from all acts of sin, that worse things may not beset us. Our Second Bible Lesson will now be read.

"Afterward, Jesus findeth him in the temple and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole; sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee."
Brethren, have you heard that? Who is the person to whom he was speaking? What evil befell him by the way? He was a person who was sick for thirty-eight years and was lying by the pool of Bethesaida, sleepless, day and night groaning in pain, weeping,and crying. When the angel troubled the water in the pool, there was no person to put him inside the pool because of his sins. Ask him if he knew he was suffering the punishment of his sins? Ask your mother if she knows that her suffering is the result of her sins. Ask your father, your husband, your wife, your children whether they know that they are suffering as a result of their sins. Do you know that all your sufferings are the result of your own sinfulness? Ask the inhabitants of the world, both black and white if they know that the storms in their lives emanate from the sins they continue to commit. Ask the thieves whether they are aware that their suffering and punishments emanate from their thefts. At first thieves used to be imprisoned but now they have to face firing squads.
Ask those who are now in detention and in prisons and in hospitals, those who are groaning with pain whether they are aware of the fact that they are there because of their sins. Until you realise that you suffer as a result of your sins, and that it is because of your sins that you suffer, and because of your sins God departs from you AND WHEN GOD DEPARTS FROM YOU ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. GOD DOES NOT KILL YOU BUT WHEN YOU COMMIT ANY ACT OF SIN HE SEVERS HIS CONNECTION WITH YOU BECAUSE HE HAS NO CONNECTION WITH SIN.
Imagine how God would depart from you, what your position will be, what will be good with you again? You will be covered with darkness. It is said when you join up with God you will win in the battle. As you observe the conditions of things in the world, without God who will save us? The war referred to is the great war of God which is fought with angels, and with spirits and with all things that often work abominations. It is not a simple war at all. It all comes to fighting with all evil things, evil wind, evil rain, evil sunrise, and all other evil things which do not give glory to God must be exterminated from the surface of the earth.
What you observe now is the manifestation of the words Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to His disciples that they should allow both the wheats and the tares grow together until the time of harvest comes. (Matt 13:30). This is the harvest which has already started. Go and tell your father, and your mother, and brother and sister, and children, and the government and the church denominations, and the various communities, and any person you see, both black and white, as well angels that they should depart from sin, otherwise the punishment which will beset them will be unbearable. This is only the beginning of sorrows, for all those who persist in committing sins.
You can notice the case of the man who was sick for 38 years, suffering pain and sleeplessness for that period of time, day and night, but Our Lord Jesus Christ told him, now rise up and take up your bed and go your way. That statement was parabolic, it was interpreted to mean that his sins were forgiven him. The duty today is to forgive your sins, you are told to go and sin no more. It means that your sins are forgiven you. The implication of this statement is that you should sin no more lest a worse condition befall you.
This is the judgement you have been hearing about. Many people think that fasting means bestowal of power. It is rather judgement because the moment you offend, you are told go, all is well with you. Once this is said, you are forgiven but the injunction is that you should commit no more sin, lest a worse condition should beset you. If you go back to commit sins then pray fervently for yourself.
Our Lord Jesus Christ did not use anything but it was the power of forgiveness, for, being God whoever went to Him with a penitent heart, was forgiven by Him. Mary Magdalene went to Him and wept bitterly, realizing her sins and Our Lord Jesus Christ said to her, "Go your way, your sins are forgiven you." And she was forgiven. Once your sins are forgiven, you are discharged and acquitted and there is nothing more important than being forgiven of your sins. And no person on earth can forgive your sins.
It is a pitiful situation for someone to run to the hospital after committing sin. What can the hospital do for him? You have been administered with injections, you have been massaged, you have undergone surgical operations, you have even had D&C more often than not. This is not a problem of medical treatment. I want to open your eyes and let the scales fall off your eyes tonight, that no person exists who can take away your sins and iniquites except Our Lord Jesus Christ alone. It is only His prayers which can work miracles, without Him whatever you do amounts to a waste of time. There is no other man who can pray for forgiveness for any person except Our Lord Jesus Christ, because He alone is righteous, because He is the mediator of the New Covenant. He is the Advocate and Solicitor for all those who wish to follow God. THAT IS TO SAY, WHEN YOU CONFESS YOUR SINS AND REPENT AND REFRAIN FROM SIN, HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN INTERCEDE FOR YOU AND YOU ARE REINSTATED AND RESTORED INTO YOUR ORIGINAL POSITION.
Today however, the world does not want him, neither does it love him. It rather loves the preparation of concoctions, and idols, and mermaids, and apparition and other vain things. Tell me, therefore, from where can they get salvation? Consider, if because of the sin he committed, the young man suffered for thirty eight years, but Our Lord Jesus Christ told him, you are now cleansed, sin no more, lest a worse situation befall you, if he sinned again, what do you think will happen to him? How unbearable will his punishment be? Whenever you come here, you confess that you have sinned and you are told that your sins are forgiven you but when you go out, you start again to steal and fornicate. Can you not consider that worst conditions will beset you? Or whether you are not aware that when you commit a similar sin the second time the gravity of your punishment will be more serious than the one at first.
Go home and advise yourselves, your children, your relations, your father, your mother, your brethren, the chuch denominations, the principalities, the pillars of governments, whoever you come across, with this gospel. This gospel will be written and circulated to all parts of the world. This is the last time God intents to take away all sins from the world. All those who sin, whether they are men, women, or angels, or animals will be wipped away and the world will be inhabited by the children of God who do what is good.
Do not regard the long patience of God as nothing. The Lord of course is not slack concerning his promises but is longsuffering towards us, because he wants us to repent. He does not wish that we should perish.
Tomorrow you will complain that you are a staunch Brotherhood, who puts on white garments and worship God day and night, and why should you suffer untold afflictions. The question is have you refrained from sin as you were instructed? Things are better with a man who has sinned for a hundred years and on his one hundredth year, he refrains from sin, than a person who refrained from sin for one hundred years and on the one hundredth year he becomes again entangled in sin. Know this that God is no respecter of persons, and He has no communion with anything sinful. Whoever commits sin has no communion with God, and God has no communion with him. All those who commit sin have hell as their duty. God is no respecter of any person, whether you are a man or a woman, a child, or an adult, or a millionaire, your station in life not withstanding, the moment you commit any act of sin, you have to suffer for it.
Have you heard his injunction? He says, my little children, I write these things unto you that you should not sin. And if any man sins, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And He is the propitiation for our sins. The only medicine which cures drunkeness is to stop drinking. If you no more drink, you will not be intoxicated, you will not suffer as a drunkard, you will not become mad because of drinking. But if you continue to drink you will run mad, fall down and bruise your face and body, people will beat you up and tear your dresses. The only cure for this punishment is to refrain from sins and vices. This night, Our Lord Jesus Christ is calling all the inhabitants of the world to come and reason with Him, for though their sins may be as scarlet, he will make them white as snow, though they may be red as crimson, he will make them white as wool. You only have to come and make peace with him and become reconciled with God, and He will forgive you your sins.
This explains why there is no use in going to the hospital, or initiating into any secret society or to any other place, because Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only Savior and when you confess your sins and repent, and you refrain from sins, all your sins are forgiven you.
That is why He says, "Was it not written that my Father's house shall be the prayer house of all nations? The implication is this that when you come here (into the house of God) you refrain from sins, repent, and confess your sins. The eyes of the host are watching you, searching your hearts and reins, and interviewing you inividually; and, as long as you do not refrain from sin, your regular attendance here is but a waste of time. It is very grievious for somebody to laugh here and tell lies, and steal, and fornicate and fight, cause confusion, and exalt oneself, and walk in and out conversing. Such a person is to be pitied. It is also a pathetic situation to find people coming here and asking God for children, and money, and a cure for an illness, to make you pass examination and to do one thing or the other for you. IS THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO OR YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REFRAIN FROM SIN? What useful purpose does it serve for an evil man to pass an examination? What useful purpose does it serve for an evil person to have children or for him to have money or for him to live for a thousand years? What benefit are these to the Almighty God? They are meaningless to Him. THE ONLY THING REQUIRED BY GOD IS FOR YOU TO ABSTAIN FROM SIN. That is why it is said how great is the joy in heaven if one sinner repents. (Luke 15:7). This is indicative of the fact that abstinence from sin is the only thing loved by God. Brethren, I do not wish to take you further than this, the Golden Text will now be read because it is said that the testimonies of two or three persons confirm a fact. (John 8:17)

"My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous."
Brethren, have you heard that? And can you notice why, when you come here I ask you whether you are annoyed? Or whether you have envied anybody, have you begrudged anybody? When you say you are not annoyed, the blood of Christ will pass you by, but if you say you are angry and that you begrudge somebody, then the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ will wash you of your sins but you should sin no more lest a worse condition should befall you.
He is the only righteous person who can make peace and intercession for us and it is His blood alone which saves us and redeems all mankind. All those who arrogate to themselves the position of Pope, Bishop, and what have you, and others who claim they belong to secret societies are deceiving themselves, they are not known at all. Others also who claim they are Muslims, or Hinduists, or Judaist, or Buddhists are also not known. It is only Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Sole Savior of the entire world.
What is the most significant is for God to forgive us our sins. Which means when your sins are forgiven you will not go to judgement and you will be relieved of your burdens. All the punishements we suffer emanate from our sinful ways. THE IMPLICATION OF "WHOSOEVER BELIEVES AND IS BAPTISED IS SAVED" IS THAT WHEN YOU BELIEVE AND YOU ARE BAPTISED, ALL YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN AND YOU BECOME FREE, AND YOU HAVE NO CASE TO ANSWER. It is also said that those who do not believe will be damned. For such there will be no salvation, no matter their stations in life. Whether they are kings or emperors, millionaires or lawyers, professors or money magnates, pope or bishops, such persons stand condemned.
Those of you who have been baptised and have put on Christ, there is no condemnation for you. This is because it is what he promised when He said, "Repent and be baptised each and every one of you, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you will receive the Holy Ghost as a gift. For the promise is for you, and for your children and for your children's children, and for all those who are afar off, even as many as the Lord Our God shall call. (Acts 2:38-39). Can you not observe the manifestation of that promise in this generation?
Notice the kingdom bestowed unto us gratis. This week was set aside and we ought to rejoice wih all our stenghth because we are not condemned and the sword that is drawn is not for us, but for those who do not obey the Scriptures. But you have accepted Him. Your work therefore now consist in "LOVING ONE ANOTHER." All of us have passed from death into life because we love the Brethren. Whosoever does not love abides in death. (1 John 3:14). Can you not realise why we should rejoice? Whether you are rich or poor, your soul is rejoicing, your spirit is rejoicing because you have passed from death unto life. Tell the rest of the world that Our Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for them, for the die is cast, and so this is the time for peace, and the time for mercy, that they should come and be saved, while there is day light, for when the night comes there will be no salvation. He said come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matt 11:28). Observe his love when he said I write to you my little children that you sin no more. But if there is any of you who commit sin, we have an advocote with the Father, who is invariably Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not your prayers which save you but His prayers save all because he makes intercession for us when we commit sin. He prayed the Father to forgive us for we know not what we do. It is said since we do not know what we should pray for the spirit itself makes intercession for us and he heals our infirmities, and not for us alone, but for all the inhabitants of the world. Tell any person who commits any act of sin, to go to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Let them repent and refrain from sin that they may be saved.
Here neither candle nor incense nor extracting of charms from people bodies nor collecting money and other things which people esteem are practised here. Where ever there is Brotherhood or Brotherhood bethel or healing home which does not preach that people should refrain from sin, get out from such a place for it is not Brotherhood. If someone tells you that you are worried by mermaid or witches, get out among them. It is sin which you commit that worries you. Where ever you go to and you are asked whether you have refrained from sin, whether you are angry, whether you fornicate, whether you tell lies, and that you should repent and confess your sins because Our Lord Jesus Christ is there and once you take the instructions, you are saved. If somebody comes to tell you he has never committed any sin, tell him to go, do not pray for him. Anybody who demands your prayer but claims he is not sinful, do not pray for such a person. Our Lord Jesus Christ says whosoever is ashamed of me on earth, I shall be ashamed of him before my Father and the angels too. A GREAT MANY OF YOU HAVE ONE SIN OR THE OTHER WHICH YOU FAIL TO CONFESS, AND IT IS WHAT KEEPS YOU IN PRISON. SOME OF YOU CONFESSED THESE SINS IN THE PAST AND YOU ALSO REFRAINED FROM THEM BUT LATER YOU BECOME ENTANGLED IN SUCH OFFENCES AGAIN.THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.
The advice given to the person who was sick for thirty-eight years is for you today that now that you are clean, sin no more, less a worse thing come unto you. It is not proper that any person who has been baptised and has put on Christ should go back to entangle themselves in sin again.
May God bless His Holy Words. AMEN.

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