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"God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

"And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in him."

"And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the spirit of his son into your hearts, crying Abba, Father."

Who is God? The Hebrews call Him Jehovah, the English call Him God. The Yorubas call Him Olorun, the Ibos call him Chineke, the Hausas call Him Allah. The Effiks call Him Abasi and so on. Of all these names, which one suits Him the most? Whichever name you may call Him, note that He is a spirit. Being a spirit, whatever emanates from Him, being good or evil, is spirit. That is to say that the wind, the sun, fire, water, trees, sand, fishes, animals, including birds, and human beings among other things are spirits. That was why He was able to command everything into existance. He said, " Let there be light," and there was light.

Love, truth, patience, mercy, humility, peace, power, health, beauty, wisdom, sleep, death, anger, stealing, fornication, deceitfulness and so on, are all spirits. If God wants you to be a prostitute, for instance, He instills the spirit of fornication into you. On the other hand, if He wants you to be humble, He instills the spirit of humility into you. This is an indication that as a spirit, God is responsible for every happening in the world.
Remember what happened between King Saul and David. When King Saul learnt that David was in Prophet Samuel's place, he sent his soldiers to go and kill David. As these soldiers were on their way to Samuel's house, the spirit of happiness was instilled into them. They therefore condemned the mission they were sent to accomplish. When the soldiers got to Samuel's house, instead of carrying out their mission, they ate, drank and chattered away, neglecting their mission. (1 Samuel 18,19).
When he learnt of this fact, Saul got annoyed and proceeded on his own to kill David. Surprisingly, when he got to Samuel's house, he started prophesying. This baffled the people who were there. He in fact forgot his mission. Rather he turned round and invited David to his house. At a time, Saul's relationship with David became cordial, and David was his chief musician. Now, whom do you think was responsible for their hatred and the subsequent reconciliation? This is an indication that God is all and in all. He can gather together and he can also scatter us. He can send the spirit of rain on us and we will be subjected to severe beating by the rain. He is the thunder and the lightening.
If the spirit of death is instilled in you, while you were sleeping, you cannot wake up again. If the spirit of sleep comes into you while you are wide awake, you will sleep. If you are given the spirit of stealing, there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from stealing. If you are given the spirit of greed, no matter what you have, you will still keep on asking for more. If the spirit of fornication is instilled into you (a man), you will always go for anything in a skirt; and a lady with such a spirit will go for any man in a pair of trousers. It is only the Holy Spirit that can cast away these evil spirits.

Some people say that a word of witness from two or three persons is true. In some instances, a word of witness from a thousand can be false. If this claim were to be true, does it mean that the lies fabricated against me by the world are true? How many millions are saying I am a wizard ? Is this true? Utterances are spirits. Hearing is also a spirit. This is why you see figures, say trees, even when your eyes are closed.
Some of you do not know how to get things from God. If you want something just thank the Father and He will grant your request immediately. Remember what happened to the fig tree which our Lord Jesus Christ cursed. You know the tree withered away immediately after the curse. This explains why utterances are said to be spirits. If you are sick, all you need to do for God to take your sickness is to pray to the Father to cast away your sickness and it will be happen accordingly.

The scripture has it that God is a spirit. As a spirit, He must be worshipped in Spirit and in truth. Now if you say that God is human, what then are the animals, fishes, birds, trees, among other things? God as a spirit is Omnipresent. He exists in everything. God is not a black, white, or red man. His real name is spirit. He exists even in the dreamland.
God can manifest Himself in any form, for He is a spirit. In some instances, people use the bark of trees, leaves, wood, mud, and so on to accomplish certain motives. One can tell a piece of "wood" to go to London and kill someone and it happens as thus. As you know, wood cannot walk, talk less of boarding a plane, but the mission will be accomplished in less than a second. The question now is, does the wood have ears, and how did it get to London? This is why I always advise that you should not keep anything like wood, leaves, mud, the bark of trees, and the like in the house for worship. This is because at a time the spirits associated with these things will certainly turn against you. Have you not been hearing or seeing a onetime renowned native doctor experiencing various problems at a certain time? These problems are always traceable to the things he harbors in his house. As such, people like that always run to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star for salvation. Once these things are burnt, their problems vanish immediately.
Whoever professes to worship God through graven images is deceiving himself. This is because these images will certainly turn against him. At this point, people will always attribute his problems to evil spirits. This is why the scripture states that one should worship God in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. When you worship God in Spirit and in truth, you will certainly be free from problems. Read the first lesson again.

"God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."
How can one differentiate the evil spirit from the Holy Spirit? God is said to be a spirit nothing more or less. Every other spirit of the lower and higher categories emanate from Him and He controls them all. (1 Samuel 16:14-23/18:10/19:9). Christ is the chief spirit. The second day of the week, Monday, for instance, is a spirit, it rules over the moon. The same thing applies to Sunday. It is the spirit that rules the sun. GOD IS A SPIRIT THEREFORE, IF YOU ARE TOLD TO GO TO A CERTAIN PLACE TO WORSHIP GOD, DO NOT GO FOR GOD HAS NO FIXED DESTINATION. HE IS EVERYWHERE. Those who refer to God as Jehovah have erred. JEHOVAH IS NOT GOD BUT AN ANGEL, A LESSER SPIRIT CONTROLLED BY GOD, CHRIST-THE CHIEF SPIRIT.
You should know that in the beginning everybody was speaking the same language but because of the tower built at Babel, an old act of insolence, God introduced the different languages that abound today. (Read Genesis 11). As such if the spirit of Yoruba visits you, instantly you will start speaking Yoruba. Likewise the spirits of these languages are spirits. Our Lord Jesus Christ used the Hebrew language. In this era, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit understands all the languages. There is nobody on earth who can claim to have knowledge of all the languages. The leaves, birds, fishes, animals do speak and each has its respective kingdom. They emanate from God and so anything you do against them you are doing against God. This is because it is the spirit of God that operates in them.
Whenever one's request is granted by God, he rejoices over it but if it is not granted, he cannot do anything about it. When Lazarus died, for instance, Our Lord Jesus Christ was able to raise him from the dead because the spirit of life descended into Lazarus. When Our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, He said, "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." After saying this, He died; but on the third day, the spirit was given back to Him and He was brought back to life. That is why He is in our midst to date. When you are in spirit, you are with Him. Whatever you do and wherever you are, you are with Him. He is the head of the Church. And now, it is believed that it is the spirit that raised Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead on the last day. For this reason, nobody should try to imagine who God is or what He looks like for He is spirit.
If somebody tells you that he is God, do not argue with him for he does not know what he is saying, because a knowledgeable man cannot claim to be God. Instead of wasting your time trying to know what God is, try and practise His injunctions and receive his blessing, because nobody knows the secret of the spirit. If God wants everybody to know Him, it is not impossible for Him to do so. He is the only being that knows the secret of His kingdom.
The ways of God are beyond human comprehension. The blacks have every reason to thank God. They are the lucky race. If the whites were given the opportunity the blacks have they would really govern the world. Fortunately for the blacks, the Holy Spirit decided to dwell among them. The blacks are now in control of the world.

"And we have now known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him."
The noun God is derived from the word good. In fact, He should be called good. He does His things in a perfect way. If you know Him as aperfect God, from where then comes evil? So there is no need to complain that one thing is good while the other is evil. Now if it rains continuously for one week, people will complain and if it stops raining for about two years, people will still complain. Nobody believes that everything is perfect before God. There is no mistake in God. He knows everything and can do everything. He honors His words on every occasion.
You know God's first creation was Adam. In the course of time, Adam requested for a helper. Consequently, God sent him into a three day sleep, at the end of which he created Eve for him. This is why the scripture has it that the last Adam becomes the spirit that gives life.

Another example is the happening in the Garden of Eden. God created Adam and Eve as ignorant beings. They knew nothing about sin. Apparently, God gave them an instruction that they should not eat of the fruit of the tree at the center of the garden. In spite of this advice, in order that they mighty multiply, God sent them the spirit of disobedience which compelled them to eat of the forbidden fruit. This was the cause of their procreation. Another example of God as a perfect Being can be seen in how he reforms people. When one is sick for instance, on getting well, he looks younger than he was before. Take another example from Moses' encounter with Pharaoh in Egypt. It was God who hardened the heart of Pharaoh. Remember God told Abraham that his descendants will be under captivity for four hundred years after which they will be delivered out of bondage and God will judge the nation that took them captive. He made this to happen. When the stipulated period (400 years) was reached, God sent Moses to Egypt to deliver His people from the bondage. He however told Moses that He will harden Pharaoh's heart. This he truly did. There is no impossibility before God. Everything happens as He wants. So for you to question why you are poor or small is irrelevant.
Reading through Genesis chapter one, you will see that everything God created was good. Then, if everything was good, where then does evil come from? If we take a look at His work, right from man, the earth, seas, mountains, wind, and so on, you will see that none is evil. If you beat somebody, God is responsible because nothing happens without a cause. Some people say you should protect yourself as God protects you. How do you do this? Can a man protect himself? Note that everything belongs to God, thus do not lament over anything whatsoever.
The spiritual song which says "I have a Father, Almighty Father, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. "He is the spirit," explains why you should not lament over anything. Remember that everything works together for the good for those who love the Lord. Forget about every problem and be content with whatever situation you find yourself, know that it is the perfect God that has kept you there. All I want from you is righteousness. The scripture says, "knock and it will be opened to you, seek and it will be given." So seek for the spirit of love, peace, patience, truthfulness, among other virtues, and all will be given unto you bountifully. Everything you have is what you asked for. May be, you were doing good before, and after some time, you started doing evil. You will be rewarded with evil. From the moment you make such pronouncement, you will continue to practise evil.

2nd Thessalonians 2:11-12 states:
"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusions, that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
Have you agreed that God is the source of every spirit? He is the one that sends strong delusions to people so that those who believe a lie should be judged according to their sins. If you reject the spirit of love, He will send the spirit of hatred to you because He is the source of every spirit. Whatever you ask for it what you will be given.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit rules everywhere. He is in front and behind you, by the side and everywhere. He speaks all languages and He is everything. Have you seen anybody in the world who knows God as the Father, apart from Brotherhood members? If you approach someone and tell him that you were saved by the Father, he will start asking you all types of silly questions. A lot of people do not recognize God as their Father. They only know of their canal father and their Reverend Father. Ironically they have forgotten the injunction in the Bible that nobody should call another father for the one in heaven is the only Father. (Matthew 23:9).
This is why it is said, "but for your father you would not know your mother." God is your Father, the creator, as such, He is greater than anything else. Read the Golden Text below.

And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the spirit of His son into your hearts crying, ABBA, FATHER.
Have you ever seen someone who is not a member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, and being without the Holy Spirit, saying that everything is done by the Father? This explains why Our Lord Jesus Christ said that He and the Father are one. He also said that where the spirit of the Lord dwells there is liberty. All those who call Him Abba, Father are led by the Spirit. This is why you are given the right of sonship.
The world is of the opinion that the Father in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is not from God. If indeed he is not, let them go and find out where the Father comes from. If the spirit of the son is not instilled into you, you could not know Him as the Father. Similarly, if you were not a child of God, how could He inject this spirit into you for you to call him Abba, Father.
If you refer to God as Jehovah or Jah, it is an angel that you mean and not the Father. You can see Job was afflicted with suffering and tribulations, his wife advised him to deny God so that he may live but he tore his clothes and said: "Naked came I out of my mother's womb and naked shall I return there: the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." (JOB 1:21)
Therefore upon all the tribulation Job passed through, he did not say anything evil against God. If you watch carefully, you will see the beauty of God and that of His handiwork. That is why when you come to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, people accuse you of going to worship Beelzebub. In fact, they said that you were towing the wrong path, but today, the reverse is the case. A similar thing happens when God does His thing. At the initial stage people will be saying all types of rubbish, only to regret in the end. Right now, we do not preach anything to the world except THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Father has arrived in a big way. He is the triune God.

This lesson you are receiving was meant for the scientists and the professors of this world, but now the Father has given this lesson to you by grace. Sometime ago people had been asking the students in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star the possible time for the completion of the courses. But it is pertinent to note that none of the professors in the worldly universities can square up with the students of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. What is the meaning of Jesus? What is the meaning of God and Jehovah? They are meaningless. All you should note is the presence of love, the Holy Spirit and the Father. May God bless His holy words, Amen.

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