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This piece is for all inhabitant of the world, both black and white, male and female, young and old seen and unseen.
The word remnant simply means remainder, leftover, the small residue according to English dictionary. The dictionary is very right, God’s remnant started in heaven, and the history goes thus.
There exist in heaven angels, all the angels including angel Lucifer were created by God, but on a certain day God brought forth His only begotten son (The Word of God) commanding all angels to worship Him for He was with God in the very beginning and He is God (John 1 vs 1-4), Angel Lucifer debunk and refused to worship Him saying rather He should worship him Lucifer for he existed before the word of God the only begotten son of God, tension set-in in Heaven.
There was a controversy such that Millions of angels fall at Lucifer’s back and backup his claims, while few other angels the remnant of God’s angels obey the instructions of God and worship the word of God who is the only begotten son of God whom through Him everything were created, on this account one of the remnants angel, angel Michael throw down angel Lucifer to the earth and his followers, while the remnants continue to worship, obey and carry out God’s instructions.
Again when the earth was filled with sin and atrocities God decided to destroyed the earth with water, He asked Noah to make and ark for people to come in and be save during the destruction day, He ordered Noah to tell people to forsake sin and obey the voice of God, by just coming into the ark, a lot of them refused, the castigated Noah, course him and infiltrated the ark and mess it up for good 120 years. Noah himself had a sister, so the night before the flood he went to tell his sister that this flood will surely happen that she should please obey the voice of the Lord and come into the ark with her family, but when Noah went there he didn’t meet his sister at home but meet with her husband (Noah’s inlaw) he discuss this with him, he accepted with joy about the good news and Noah left,  when the wife came back he told her what Noah said but she rebuke him and asked her husband where he has ever see such thing happening, and even if it will happen the tallest tree was in the frontage of their house as such she the husband and their son can make use of it until the flood is over, the husband forgot about what Noah told him earlier, he refused to harkens to the voice of God and subscribe to what she said, Leader Olumba Obu revealed to the world that Noah’s sister, the Husband and their son were the last people to die after the flood has reach the apex of the tree where they were, and before they died the husband blame the wife for leading him to destruction, while the wife blame the husband for not using his power as a man and command her to obey what Noah told him, you see, many who will perish who will blame? thank God you are reading this post now, The Father has come so that no one should perish, only when you obey him and come into this new ark (Brotherhood of the Cross and Star) and get baptize then join God’s faithful. During Noah’s time only 8 remainder, 8 remnants, 8 leftover where save all others were destroyed.
Confirm this at “The voice of God An Everlasting Gosple by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu 1999”
When Noah preached for a period of 120 years, and people paid deaf ears to his preaching, this is exactly what you are doing today. As the people of old put the words of Noah to disdain so are you putting the words of God today to disdain. The ark which he built as directed by God was converted into a public toilet by the people of those days.
It also became a place of salvation and redemption and when someone who by accident fell into the excreta became well, so also did others who had difficulties go and swim in the excreta in order to become well. No one has ever stopped to think for a moment about repentance. The only thing that prevailed was that when someone was sick, he was always directed to go to Noah's ark and fall into the excreta and become well. What is happening today, is exactly what happened in those days of Noah.”
Have told you that you should not follow the multitude and do the wrong, no matter how many they are don’t subscribe to their lies. Again Moses lead the children of Israel out from Egypt to Cannan the promise land, they suppose to go on the journey for 40 days but due to their disobedience it took them good 40 years, still the remnant made it. During their journey at a certain point Moses went to God to collect  the 10  commandments for the children of Israel, he went and stayed long, Moses was not heard nor seen, this cause the children of Israel to request from Aroan the brother of Moses to make unto them another god that they may worship, on a loud request and disturbance, Aroan made them a golden café image from their ear rings and bangles thousands of them fell down and worship this god, forgetting about Moses and his God who brought them out from the land of Egypt, only few, very few remnant waited for Moses, they few ones said if he is alive we will wait for him if he is death we will still wait for him, we will never worship another god except the living God that brought us out from Egypt. Moses return and saw what the children of Israel did and became angry, broke the commandment stone and broke the golden café god, grind it and put it in water and gave it to all those that worshipped the handmade god to drink, they all drank and died, they were destroyed. Moses and Aroan continue the journey with the remnant to the land of promise.
It’s true that whatever was done to the Israel shall be done for the Gentiles, Our Lord Jesus told the Jews a parable that a certain man own a farm, he gave it out to a set of people to cultivate and travel, after some times he sent his servants to inspect the work in the farm but they kill all of them, the owner said let me sent my son they will be afraid of him and respect him, but when they saw the son coming they said let us kill they heir and claim the farm, Our Lord Jesus Christ now ask the Jews what do you think will happen when the owner of the farm will come by himself, they Jews responded he will drove them out of the farm and gave the farm out to strangers, and Jesus said that is exactly what will happen, I came to the Jews but they kill me I will return to the gentiles there shall the Lord of host build His new ark.
This prophecy had been fulfilled today among the gentiles, the black race. The Father Son and the Holy Spirit has manifested Himself, Personified in Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. They world knew Him not, so have used this opportunity to revealed God Almighty to you.
Now that He is on earth something is happening again, the remnant is selected, this time around the last remnant because this is the last era. It is written in the scripture that judgment shall begin in the church (1 Pet 4:17), and truly Brotherhood of the Cross and Star the new ark of God has been judge first, so that we can have the remnant, this selection is a spiritual selection to separate the sheep from goat, reason been that many where called but few are chosen.
Before the current selection of the children of God whom they are separate for transformation into God’s glory, Leader Obu read this scripture, I think you should read it too and after reading this scripture you will come to a conclusion and will also know whom this few remnant, remainder and leftover of God are, whom obeys their Father’s instruction, and where others are heading to.

2nd Thessalonians  2 vs 2 - 13.

Verse 2. And now, what about the coming again of our lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to meet Him? Please don't be upset and excited dear brothers, by the rumour that this day of the lord has already begun. If you hear people having visions and special messages from God about this, or letters that are supposed to have come from me, dont believe them.
Verse 3. Don't be carried away and deceived regardless of what they say. For that day will not come until two things happen. First there will be a great rebellion against God and then the "man" of rebellion will come- the son of hell.
4. He will defy every god there is, and tear down every other object of adoration and worship. HE WILL GO IN AND SIT AS GOD IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD CLAIMING THAT HE HIMSELF IS GOD. Don't you remember that i told you this when i was with you? And you know what is keeping him from being here already, for he can come only when his time is ready.
7. As for the work this man of rebellion will do when he comes, it is already going on, but he himself will not come until the one who is holding him back steps out of the way.
8. Then this wicked one will appear, whom the lord Jesus will burn up with the breath of His mouth and destroy by His presence WHEN HE RETURNS.
9. This man of sin will come as Satan's tool full of satanic power, and will trick everyone with strange demonstrations, and will do great miracles. He will completely fool those who are on their way to hell BECAUSE THEY HAVE SAID NO TO THE TRUTH, they have refused to believe it and love it, and let it save them.
11. So God will allow them to believe lies with all their hearts, and all of them will be justly judged for believing falsehood, refusing the truth and enjoying their sins. 
13. But we must forever give thanks to God for you our brothers, loved by the LORD BECAUSE GOD CHOSE YOU FROM THE VERY FIRST TO GIVE YOU SALVATION, cleansing you by the work of the Holy Spirit and by trusting in the truth. 

The above scripture has said it all, it has revealed the truth of what is going on in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. First Son of the hell has come to claim God’s throne saying and making his believers believe that he is God, second they shall at last be destroyed on the return of the owner of the Kingdom, when Leader Obu will come out again, lastly the remnant whom are few in numbers shall be given salvation and be saved by the creator Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.
Finally the Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu the Almighty God always said that he will go inside the verstry for a while and in a while He will come out, He did exactly as He said in 2001 He stop preaching physically in 34 Ambo street Calabar this is to give room for satan to finish his work so that God will select His faithful ones whom are the last remnant for transformation.

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