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"Neither let us commit fornication as some of them committed, and fell in one day twenty-three thousand."
"Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body."
"Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled: whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."
Brethren, the father has now begun in full swing. The lessons imparted in the past two days were introductory. You were earlier told who Christ is and how he conquered. The question we now would love to answer is: What is the word of God that we must keep in order to have life? Those who wait for our lord Jesus Christ abide by his commandments.
Many people think that the worship of God consists in putting on white garments. Others think that regular, daily attendance at services or sleeping perpetually in the bethel constitute the worship of God. The important thing is to practice His words and keep His commandments. And what are His commandments? Till dooms day, I shall not finish expatiating on the laws of God, all this while I have merely dealt with the preliminary part of it. Remember the commandment given to Moses that no one should commit adultery. Today the same law is given to you again. The Bible says we should not fornicate as some people fornicated and died twenty three thousand a day. The commandment is given to you that you be holy physically and spiritually to enable Jehovah God and His Christ to dwell in you. God and his Christ will not dwell in the body of a fornicator. It is said "Be Holy as I am Holy" sinfulness does not dwell with me. People think that to be pure or holy is to wash with costly soap and rub costly perfume and oil. Others think that to be holy is to put on a spotlessly white clothe. An English adage says - cleanliness is next to godliness. This is a fact but the godliness or cleanliness meant here is different from the personal hygiene point of view.
Till today you do not understand why you are advised not to fornicate. It is said every man that has this hope in Him purifieth himself, even as he is pure. Who are the holy ones? Who are those who are pure? They are those who do not fornicate. If you fornicate, you become filthy and when you are filthy, you cannot see God, and God will never come near to you. Those who have their hope on God, must purify themselves, they must not commit fornication.
Any sin you commit does not pass into the body to defile it, but fornication defiles the whole body. Fornicators are very miserable beings and should be sympathised with. You are living witnesses that if one passes faeces inside this hall, every person will be scared away because of the obnoxious odour. So it is with a fornicator, once the body is defiled by fornication, the whole body becomes rotten and stinking. If any thing dies in this hall, it will stink when it begins to decompose, so it is with a fornicator. Till doomsday, no fornicator can see. He is forever an outcast.

The clarion call that God has come down to dwell with men is not heard by fornicators. They are many thousand kilometers from God. He is not even prepared to comply with the instructions of God which says people should refrain from fornication. It is said that the married cares about the affairs of the world how she would please the husband but a virgin cares about the things of God how she would please God. How do virgins care about the things of God? They do this by keeping themselves pure. The whole world is ignorant of this, people claim to be wise when they are fools. The people who will enjoy this kingdom are those who have kept themselves pure.
If you do not fornicate, you are holy as he is and you are therefore a dwelling place of God. John the baptist who kept himself pure was a dwelling place of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ who was also pure was a dwelling place of God. Saul, from his conversion, when he became Paul, kept himself pure and God made his body a dwelling place. That is why he says "these things I would have counted as gain, I counted them as loss in order to gain Christ". A fornicator is a child of satan. No matter what you do: you may sing, see vision, build a Bethel, bestow your goods to feed the poor; but if you fornicate, you do these things to satan. What is the benefit you derive from fornication and adultery, you pretend and hide. If you are not pure in flesh and spirit, God has no business with you. For as He who called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manners of conversation.
Reckon that as long as you are not intimate with a man or a woman, you are holy. But as soon as you are intimate or commit fornication you become defiled. That is why fasting is held for the benefit of such persons who defile themselves through fornication that they may pray and purify themselves. Our Lord Jesus fasted forty days and forty nights to be Holy in the flesh and spirit. But you fast because of your multitude of sins. Your whole body is full of sins. You are an embodiment of sin, fasting is therefore held in order to purify your body from sins and save you, because he does not want us to perish.
You indulged in fornication when you did not know him, now that you know him, is there any justification in your fornicating? The only way to serve God is to keep your body pure. If Mary the mother of Jesus had defiled herself through fornication, the holy spirit would not have gone into her. But because she hoped on God, she therefore kept herself pure and the holy spirit went into her. It is God's word that no person should fornicate. The greatest sin and most painful to God is fornication.
Think of a very magnificent building with good furnishings, but the house is full of faeces. That house is useless. God has promised that any person who defiles the house of God, that person will be destroyed. You are the house of God, you are the temple of the living God. When the temple is defiled, it becomes useless and has to be demolished. Our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, with the hope that when he comes back he will live in us. His hope has been frustrated because his house has been defiled. He says, "I go to prepare a place for you and will come back to receive you unto myself so that wherever I am, you may be there also." On his return he has found that all of you are defiled; that he cannot live in you. If you are told the position of some of the fornicators, how miserable and dejected they are, you would swear not to fornicate again. Do people outside Brotherhood of the Cross and Star see what you see? Do they hear what you hear? And do they receive the type of advice you receive? The same is true of fornicators who cannot see God, hear Him and go near to Him. If a fornicator goes where a sermon is delivered, he goes there for formality. He goes there like a stranger or as a thief to steal or to chase women.
It is the characteristic of fornicators to quarrel, fight, tell lies, cause trouble and steal. He walks in darkness, in the rain, in the sun, in the forest against all hazard of the weather. He could be devoured by the wild beast. He is in great pestilence, tribulation, affliction, poverty; his soul is in hell fire. This is why many wealthy people complain that they have no peace and rest of mind. Because they fornicate, their souls are not at rest, they are in hell fire. They fight in their dreams. Fornication is harmful both to the spirit and flesh. He is therefore a lost being. The lesson on the evils of fornication is imparted from morning till night, day in day out but you continue to indulge in it. If you realize the punishment that awaits a fornicator, you will never fornicate with any man or women. Even angels and spirits who fornicate are in hell.
Having known what fornication and adultery mean, tell me why you should continue to fornicate. It is often said that we are saved by grace. Are fornicators and adulterers also saved by grace? The answer is no. Any person who claims that a fornicator is saved is telling lies. Know that from the moment you commit fornication and adultery, you are under judgement and the preliminary sufferings of sickness, poverty, blindness, loss of wisdom, insanity begins to take hold of you. Why is there so much suffering in the world today? It is the sin of fornication. You all blame Adam for eating the fruit of the forbidden tree, but you have committed a greater sin. Adam, after he had five children asked God to take from him the sex urge. If Adam the first man realized this and asked God to remove the urge so that he could have God, why should you fail to realize the abomination of fornication.
It is said do not fear the person who can only kill the flesh but cannot also cast the soul into hell but fear him who is able to kill the body and also cast the soul into hell. The thing that can kill the body and soul is the sin of fornication. You should desist from it, even if you are compelled to do it under pain of death, accept to die rather than commit fornication and adultery. You lose the position of your sonship, you lose your position as the son of the soil because of fornication.
Remember Joseph who was induced by Potipher’s wife to commit it but he resisted the attempt. He told the woman: why do you tempt me to sin against my God? If he had ventured to commit fornication with the woman, his soul would have perished. People mistakenly say love your neighbors as yourself, this is wrong, you should rather say as Christ taught love ye one another even also as I love you. This is so because you do not love yourself. Christ loved himself and separated himself to the place of holiness. Any person who does not refrain from fornication does not love himself. He cannot save his body or his soul.
People complain of their problems, difficulties and hardships, have they searched themselves to see if they have not committed fornication? Fornication is the cause of all sufferings in the world. It brings sickness, death, war and rumors of war; it causes torment and wretchedness; it seperates man from his God. It is because of fornication that we fall short of the Kingdom of God. It is what closes the gates of Heaven against us and those who fornicate are very many. Because of fornication, you have no peace in this world, in the spirit and in the dream.
"Neither let us commit fornication as some of them committed, and fell in one day twenty-three thousand."

Do you regard this text as a joke? But it is true. If people of old, that is when God did not come down to dwell with man, died twenty-three thousand a day, how many die today from fornication? We should receive and abide by this advice in order to be saved from the wrath of God. The Israelites did not know that fornication was a deadly sin otherwise they would not have fornicated.

Today people complain that they are tormented by the evil spirit, or witchcraft or mermaid or what have you. This is not true, rather they are tormented by the sin of fornication. It is said you should not fornicate as the children of Israel fornicated and died 23,000 in one day. If God had no mercy on those who fornicated in the past, do you think he will be merciful unto you when you fornicate? Refraining from fornication does not bring salvation to God, but to you; and to continue to fornicate does not bring suffering to God, but to you. From the moment you fornicate, you separate yourself from God.
Some people say when they were children, they were not sickly and that they had a very bright and shinning star, but in their adult life, they suffer untold hardship and difficulties. Such people should examine themselves if they have not committed fornication? It is only when you are holy that you, God and Christ are one; but immediately you fornicate and defile your body, you are arrested by suffering and torment. To flee from this you have to accept the word of God and his Christ.
In the gospel of yesterday, you were told that if you keep his commandments, he will love you and come to dwell with you. This is his commandment that you should not commit fornication and adultery as people did in the past and died in thousands. Tell the whole world to refrain from fornication. All your sufferings derive from fornication. It is said the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers, but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil. Tell me why a fornicator should address God as his God. He is not his God, for God is not God of fornication; Christ is not Christ of fornication. Your membership in Brotherhood for 20 years is useless if you continue to fornicate. You are a child of satan if you claim to build a Bethel as a fornicator. God does not accept it because it is a place of fornication. The surest and plainest path is by you to refrain completely from fornication so that the wrath of God may not come on you. Learn from Our Lord Jesus Christ, from John the baptist and from Paul. There is no person loved or hated by God. The person whom God loves is the person who refrains from fornication. He who loves God and keeps his commandments is the person whom God loves and dwells with.
If we claim to love God but we continue to commit fornication and adultery, we are deceiving ourselves. If we shout Jesus on our lips and continue to fornicate, we deceive ourselves. Christ has only come to save those who were waiting for him, that is those who keep themselves holy. Only those who love him keep themselves holy. It is said, "And Jesus answering said unto them, the children of this world marry; and are given in marriage; but they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world; and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage." No fornicator can ever please God in this generation and in the generation to come. This is the time which this gospel must be practiced. This commandment was kept by our Lord Jesus Christ, John and Paul and they were identified with the kingdom of God.
Do not forget that at the time of Christ and Paul there were many beautiful women but they knew that if they committed fornication, they would be separated from God and so they separated themselves from the world. It is expedient that the whole world wages war against fornication. Right now the harlot is enticing the whole world to fornicate with her but very unfortunate for her, she has reached her wits end. You have heard that at this time seven women shall take hold of one man, saying we will eat our food and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach. You have heard that the kingdom of God suffers violence, if you do not fight against fornication, you have yourself to blame. Those who fornicate are condemned and they will continue to suffer.
People may have excuses that they have paid tithe or built church or do several things, these are good but less important, they should refrain from fornication to be saved as the temple of the living God. You have to be pure as He is pure. He has promised to demolish any temple which is filthy. As the temple of God, He lives in your heart so any person who defiles that temple him shall God destroy. He bought your body with a price, you have no right to defile your body, you should mortify your flesh. The 23,000 Israelites who died for the sin of fornication had less punishment because Christ did not die and shed His precious blood. When he died, He bought us with His blood, if we therefore fornicate, he will destroy us.
Through what channel can Christ pass into the world? Where is the dwelling place of God? You are the dwelling place of God. Where is the kingdom of God? You are the kingdom of God. It is said, I saw a new heaven and a new earth, the holy city, new Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. You are that holy city.
God does not want your cent, he wants you to be holy so that he can live in you. Remember what he told that man who wanted to follow him: He said, foxes have holes, and birds have nests but the Son of man has no place to rest his head. He said this because when he did not shed his blood to cleanse us because men were so defiled that he could not live in them. He laughed at Peter when the disciples said now increase our faith, He did not give them the spirit because he did not yet receive his own. That is why he said it is expedient that I go away for if I do not go the comforter will not come. He had also said when an evil spirit gets out of man, it will wonder in the desert and will go back to see if the house left was occupied, finding that it was not occupied, it went and collected seven other demons to occupy the house, the last position of the man will be worse than the first.
Christ has given his commandment that you should not fornicate, but you reject his words and continue to fornicate. It would even be better to commit any other sin than fornication. Go and tell the world to refrain from fornication. Any person who fornicates, does not love himself. Whatever you are king, queen, president, bishop refrain from fornication that you may be saved for this is the time of grace. People suffer greatly in the world because of fornication, but this suffering is preparing the beginning of labor pains to the main sentence. It is like a culprit waiting in jail for judgement. It is said for he that will love his life let him eschew evil and do good, let him seek peace and ensure it.
The Father and Son has come down to dwell with you, you should therefore be pure so that they dwell in you. What ever sin you commit does not defile your spirit but fornication defiles both body and spirit. What is loved by the world is hated by God and what God loves is what the world hates. Many of you no longer drink and eat meat, but what about fornication you cling to? Your initial duty to God is to refrain from fornication. You have to be as pure as He is. No matter what you are, the moment you commit fornication, you are filthy and rotten. Any person who commits fornication and adultery has neither the Father nor the Son, but any person who refrains from it the same has the Father and the Son. Do not complain that you have no money and that you are not educated, but practice the word of God. Refrain from fornication. It requires self denial and self sacrifice. He owns the house, surrender everything to him, and he will dwell in.
Any person who rejects his rule will be annihilated. He has come to rule over all flesh, you have no right to defile your flesh. It must be holy so that God can dwell in. As the temple of God, you have to maintain your holiness and purity. We build houses to have a place of rest so it is that God created you in order to have a place of rest. It is said you are the likeness of God, your eyes are His eyes, your hands are His hands. When you fornicate, you defile the house, disgrace Him and drive Him away.
"Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body."
This lesson appears very light to hear but has profit for those who practice it. If five persons live in a house they will be peaceful, but when they begin to fornicate there will be trouble, quarreling, fighting, jealousy. In any church where there is fornication there is also fighting and quarreling, there is confusion. Who is wise among you, let him use his humble spirit to reveal the wisdom of God, but where there is pride, arrogance, egotism, there is no spirit of God. Their expressions are carnal. Where there is fornication, there is also confusion, and division. Hundreds of people can stay at one house peacefully. They eat from the same dish and drink from the same pot without trouble because the Father lives with them, for where the spirit of peace is there is peace. But as soon as fornication, which has the spirit of confusion set in, there is fighting and quarreling. When you fight with your wife know that the spirit of God is not in that house.
It is said if we searched ourselves, God would not judge us but when he judges us he chastises us that we may not be judged with the people of the world. When you fornicate you defile the body. Christ said abide in me as I abide in the Father. If you do not abide in me you will be cut off and cast into fire. No fornicator can do what is good. A boy or a girl is ashamed up to the day he does not break his or her virginity. Once his or her virginity is broken his/her eyes become open. Fornicators speak ill of God, he does not want to hear the word of God because God has left him. Fornication separates you from your God. If you build a Bethel, but you continue to fornicate, you are deceiving yourself.
Fornicators have no peace, they suffer until the final judgement. They are condemned. They are like prisoners. They are already lost, they have no connection with God. It is said God lives in you. Does God dwell in a fornicator? No! It is satan that dwells in you. It is said you generations of vipers who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come. You who fornicate, do you know the number of demons that pass into your body: spirit of theft, deceit, falsehood, fornication and murder and what have you. When you were a virgin you were never frightened by witchcraft, mermaid or any power, but from the day you broke your virginity all evil spirits took control of your body. Sickness, loss of sight, lack, toothache, rheumatism, headache; you began to be flippant and gossip and make yourself a nuisance. You were never an insolent fellow but because of fornication you have become an undesirable fellow. The evil spirits from women are beyond human description. You should flee fornication because when you fornicate, you sell yourself to all evil things. How saved are you now that you have the urge to be intimate with all the women. You also lust after money, cars, homes and all carnal things. As a fornicator, you do not know whether God is in existence. Your eyes are blinded, you are waiting for the day of judgement.
If we want the church of God to be good, we have to refrain from fornication. You have heard about the war of Armageddon. This war is waged against you. Christ is fighting with satan to win back His house. It is said the kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of God and His Christ. You are that kingdom and God has come with His power to fight against satan in order to win back His home. In effect the kingdom of satan has been taken over by God and His Christ, and they will live there forever. When you fornicate, you defile yourself and thereby attract sickness and death. It is said flee fornication because it defiles the body. If we flee from it, God will dwell in us. Fornication entails a lot of suffering. If we run from fornication we shall not suffer, but if we continue to fornicate we shall die.
"Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled: who remongers and adulterers God will judge."
This is a very frightful statement. All that we are suffering now are results of fornicating. It is right when God’s statement is considered: God will judge the fornicators and adulterers. You are now in jail waiting for trial and judgement.
As a fornicator, God will judge you, though you are pleading that he should help you. Imagine how you will stand before God for he says God will judge fornicators and adulterers. Do you believe that the ten commandments were given by God? Do you accept that the words of God in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation are the instructions of God? If you do not defile the marriage bed, will God still judge you? Go and tell the whole world, millionaires, presidents, commissioners, lawyers, that God says, he will judge those who fornicate and commit adultery and defile the marriage bed. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of fornication. God created you as his temple, his tabernacle, his holy city. But when you defile it, he has no place to live. Any person who does not fornicate is pure in spirit and in body, he is waiting for God and his Christ.
Fornicators will not believe in this gospel. Why did Herod imprison and later kill John? It was because John reprimanded him for marrying his brother’s wife. He said John disgraced him, so it will be, if you tell a president or a king to refrain from fornication. Your head of department will query. No person wants this gospel. The bishop has one wife, but he also has many girlfriends. He will argue that he is a disciple of Solomon and David, but will not examine the evil results of fornication. If there was any merit in the work of David, why did Christ come to shed his blood to redeem us? To kill the flesh and its lusts on the Cross is to refrain completely from fornication. Do not defile the marriage bed or God will judge you. If you fear God you will not fornicate. It is this judge who kills the body and cast the soul into hell. All those who receive this gospel and practice it, are saved. God says: today when you hear his voice harden not your heart. This is the year of deliverance, let us have the ears to hear the gospel. The world or government has no other trouble except that of fornication. Since the Father loves you and delivers this gospel that you may be saved, He will also give you the ability to practice it. Heaven helps those who help themselves means that when you hear the instructions of God, you make an effort to practice this gospel. Your blood will be on your head because you have been told what happened in the past and what will happen right now. Refrain from fornication and adultery. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.
Brethren I do not wish to be tedious unto you. Those who have ears to hear let them hear. May God bless His Holy Words - Amen.

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