A man one day got married to his dream wife, he was so faithful to his lovely wife; the pair looks good together as an inseparable entity. The man trusts his wife that won’t believe the wife can cheat on him. 
One fateful day, his neighbour told him that his wife is cheating on him; the man got angry and told the neighbour that his wife that he knows cannot cheat on him and as such he should never try to bring quarrel between him and the wife. The neighbour leaves in shame.
Meanwhile, he has imagined the possibility when his wife doesn’t go out except they are going out together and when the wife is going to the market, so when could she cheat on him.
2 months later, another community dweller came and told the man that he saw his wife going out from a man’s house as such he is suspecting her to have cheated on him, the man still pay a deaf ear to him instate told him thank you, you can go and leave us alone.
Another time not too long a little boy came to the man and said, Uncle please can you do me a favour and follow me to see something, since he didn’t tell him what he wants to show him he followed the boy, surprisingly the little boy took him to his friends house, this particular friend of his he has been helping for years, when they reach there, he caught his wife trying to dress up in his friend’s bedroom and the friend was still naked. He left only thanking the boy, his friend, and his wife for their deed, without causing any alarm.
The wife came back home crying pleading for forgiveness, saying she is so sorry. The man told her thank you, and told her the only way he can forgive her is for her to give him what the friend has given to her, the wife quickly brought out a coin given to her by the husband’s friend, and he collected it and called the money “A Thank You Coin” then put it in his pocket.
Weeks have passed the wife observed that the husband did nothing on the issue, but one day when they were playing together on the heat of the play the husband brought out the “Thank You Coin” from his pocket and drop on their table, the wife on seeing the coin, her mood change and stop playing with the husband, started crying. The Husband carried the “Thank You Coin” and put it back in his pocket.
A month later as they were eating the husband brought out the “thank you coin” and the wife mood changes again, this time she packs her things by herself and leave the house because her conscience could not let her stay again. Meanwhile, the husband’s friend whom she slept with had committed suicide for betraying his friend that helps him so much.
You see, at times we don’t need to pay back with violence or evil for evil or pray bad things to happen to those that have done evil to us, we only need to tell them “Thank You”, and the problem will be handled by the God of conscience Himself. 
Illustrated by the Sole Spiritual Head Of the Universe, GOD ALMIGHTY LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU the Centenary Master. Your reign is forever.