Recently some people ask me this question on a post I posted earlier “WHY IS THE NAME OF OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU IS NOT IN THE BIBLE?” That if I show them where it is written they will start believing in Leader Olumba Obu as God. Ok, today is the day the Father want to answer that question and others questions you may have, just read this post to the end.
The Jews till tomorrow have rejected Our Lord Jesus Christ as the promised messiah due to some fact which Jesus refused to have as it was written of the promised Messiah, and in their own little knowledge, they are not wrong. Let me quickly state those features written about the Messiah which they think Jesus did not possess to qualify Him as that promised Messiah.
1.       In the Old Testament, it was promised that the Messiah of mankind shall not come until Elijah who ascended comes back.
2.       It was also promised that the Messiah will come from Jerusalem.
3.       It was also stated that the Name of this Messiah shall be called Emmanuel, Which means “God is with man”.
Now the Jews have not seen Elijah as promised but Jesus Christ said He is the Messiah, how will they believe Him? The Jews know that Jesus Christ earthly Father is from Nazareth of Bethlehem not from Jerusalem, How will they believe Him? The Jews also come to know the name of this messiah as Jesus, not Emmanuel, How do you think they will believe that Jesus Christ is the one. But let me tell you how Jesus qualifies as the promised Messiah, and truly He is the Messiah. The wisdom of God is so deep that man cannot comprehend.
Elijah came back to the world as promised but this time did not bear the name nor carry the same face of Elijah. Read Mark 9 vs 11- 14, when the disciples ask Our Lord Jesus Christ are you the Messiah for the Jews and Scribe said it is written that Elijah shall first come back before the Messiah comes, Jesus answered them as said, “for Elijah as already come back for the Jews believe not in him, for he is John the Baptist”. You see! Elijah reincarnated in John the Baptist but the Jews knew Him not, they are still watching the sky to see him descend just as Christians of today watching the sky to see how Jesus Christ will descend down to the earth, an impossibility that will never happen.
Secondly, it was written that the Messiah will come from Jerusalem, but Jesus Christ was from Nazareth of Bethlehem. The truth here is that Joseph the earthly father of Jesus Christ was not from Nazareth, He is from Jerusalem, he was brought to Nazareth when he was a very small boy, he stayed in Bethlehem for a long time, learn a carpentry trade and also conducted his first census, pay his village dues, go for village meeting and registered as a citizen of Bethlehem that was why the Jews thought that he is from Bethlehem, even when he got married to Mary they still go for census in Bethlehem, remember it was during the event of that census that Mary wanted to put to birth, that was why every place, houses, and hotels in Bethlehem were filled and that prompt them to take her to where cattle are rare just to put to birth since it was time, and that resulted to Jesus being born and put into a manger used in feeding the cattle. So Joseph by origin is from Jerusalem but only lives and grew up in Nazareth of Bethlehem.
Lastly the name Emmanuel is still Jesus name, but God always comes to the world with a name that matches His assignment at that particular time, Emmanuel meaning God is with us was the name at which Jesus Christ could have bear officially not Jesus, but God is very wise, knowing that the Jews will kill Jesus and Mary for saying she has given birth to God, God immediately send an angel to Mary when she was 7 years old to tell her that she will give birth to the saviour of the world and His name will be Emmanuel, Mary was surprised how it will happen, when the time arrives Angel Gabriel told Joseph the name that the child will bear will be Jesus to match His assignment meaning the saviour. So the Jews already knew that the name of the Messiah throughout the Old Testament as Emmanuel, but coming to hear them called Him Jesus and said He is the promised Messiah seems contradictory and the name Jesus is not written anywhere in the Old Testament, so they cannot believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and until today as you are reading this the Jews are still waiting for Elijah to crash-land from Heaven with the Face of Elijah they knew, They are still waiting for the Messiah to be born in Jerusalem and they are still waiting for His name to be called Emmanuel, not Jesus. You see the stupidity of man?
Today another promised comforter which was promised to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ in John 16 vs 7- 16, John 14 vs 26, John 15 vs 26, has arrived in the person of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu but all the Christendom and others reject Him expecting that when  Jesus will return to the earth the second time He needs to crash- Land from the sky, just as he descended, my question to you that is thinking so myopically is that the earth is about 2billion years now, have you ever seen or heard a man crash-landing from heaven to the earth, why is your knowledge so narrowed, the only way which both man, Angel and God Himself can come to this world to execute a long-term assignment or even short term is to pass through the womb of a woman.
The mistake the Jews did is what Christians are repeating today. For you that ask if the name Olumba Obu is in the Bible, God always revealed His name when He is about to arrive the world, though others name will be written of Him but the one He will use officially is always only known on His arrival. Remember the name Jesus is not in the Old Testament because Old Testament bible was written, compiled and sealed before Jesus arrived, so there is no way they will squeeze His name into it, or edit  to put His name and that amount to giving us  a New Testament, same thing with the promised comforter, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, others name about Him are written in revelation but His official name is what is revealed to mankind on His arrival. That is why today the most powerful name on earth that exist in all planes of life, the name most Holy, the name Most supreme and at it call every created and uncreated thing bow, is the great name of Olumba Olumba Obu (O.O.O).
I rest my pen till I come your way next time with the topic “THE TRUE LOCATION OF HEAVEN AND HELL’