A brother of mine asked me yesterday, wait what is really wrong with Nigeria, that everything is upside down.
Today you will hear a young guy marrying an old woman, an old man taking a teenager for marriage, Election inconclusive, Jamb result withheld, finish school no work, bombing by terrorist every day, Government not concern, corruption, embezzlement of public fund etc, brother what is really the main problem of this country, I smiled and said the problem is not only with Nigerians, but the whole world, though it’s more prevalence in African Continent. I said all this problem has a very simple solution, and if we apply it in less than 2 seconds everything will be very fine. He laughed and said you mean Nigeria as the whole can be fixed in 2 seconds? I said yes even less than 2 seconds, he said how is that possible.
I told him this.
I heard a sermon by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu stating what is the real problem of the world, The Father states out clearly that millions of people in the world today are just perambulating around, because they don’t even know who they are, as such the go out in search of anything to do, and you know when once you do that which is not yours you have cause a very big problem.
In building of a house, cement is costly, gravels is very costly too, sand as well is costly and every other materials for the building is costly, the cheapest of them is water, but just imagine that water jealous cement and want to become cement so that it can be costly too, you will understand that till eternity without water no single building can be erected, though water is cheap in price but I will tell you that water is the most valuable of all.
This country we are now and the world have this problem, everyone want to become what they are not, just for them to be costly, they lost their value and purpose and you know you can’t build a nation or the world if one of the valuable material is absent just like a house.
Now read what the Father has said. I opened this sermon to him in my gadget, here it goes.
“The key lesson is that there is one spirit, but diversity of gifts. We all have different gifts from the hands of God. Here in Brotherhood, I am watching you to see if you can find your own gift. I do not want you to jump from one function to another, without knowing where you belong. That causes confusion. You can preach, you can sing, you can give visions, but which one is your gift?
What I am telling you is the greatest problem in the world today. Before you came to this plane of manifest, it had already been ordained what your work would be. If you come here and do not perform that which is your duty, you will not find peace for your soul. Do not look unto any person. Do not follow any person, and do not imitate any person.
Examine yourself and know what your gift is. If you don’t know what your gift is, you will not find peace, nor joy in life. All that you do will not yield good fruit. If you want to join the police force, have you asked yourself if that is your gift? You want to join the Army, have you asked yourself whether that is your gift? You want to serve under someone, is that the thing to do? You want to be on your own, have you asked yourself whether that is the right decision?
If God has made you to serve Him, yet you go and get married, you will suffer. If you were meant to marry, but you decide to remain celibate, you will suffer. If we were to examine ourselves and the position God has kept for us, we would not have any problems. There would be no occasion of becoming a stumbling block for others.
If you do not know what your gift is, put it in prayer. Ask the Father to reveal it to you. We all have received different gifts from the hands of God. Pray to God to reveal to you your gift, so that you will not go empty handed in the end. You cannot have peace in life, if you do not know what God has sent you out to do.
If you are kept at a lowly position, do not bother. If you are kept at an exalted position, do not boast. Wherever God has kept you, be content, do not complain. Do not struggle for any position. You can only occupy the position God has given you.
Brethren, I do not intend to be tedious unto you. A stroke of the cane is sufficient unto the wise. Those who have ears, let them hear. May God bless His Holy Words”.
If we know our gift and purpose on earth and stick to it in less than a second the world will be a better place, I said and zoom off.