My phone rang yesterday afternoon, it was an unknown number, Hello Nsisong how are you, Am fine my brother please who am I speaking with, I inquired. You will know who you are talking with just keep talking, he replied, I then said okay, how things longest time he said, I reply, Not bad at all, We thank the Father for everything, I said this still doubting the voice of whom am talking with to be a known person, but I still need to listen to see if I could recall a long missed friend voice during the conversation. Where are you now? He asks.  I just arrived Ikot Ekpene for tomorrow’s child blessing, please who am I speaking with because I can’t recall the voice I said, he said is your friend Peter, do you remember? The name rang repeatedly in my mind thinking left and right which of the Peter, I move on since I can’t really recall, but I knew it must be one of my colleagues in school, okay I said.
I heard you are through with school have you find anything doing yet he asked? No Sir but I thank the Father that He is taking good care of us, and He has provided Job, so in it right time it will come to manifest I told him I replied. My brother job hard to find in this country oooo he said, yea I thank the Father for that because job is only waiting for its time, I answered him, he said you thank the father? I say yes now, it is the will of my Father that the Job is not coming now because I don’t know if the job just arrives it might cause me problem so I thank the father for holding it for the right time to come, I said. Wait I don’t understand you, why are you thanking the Father in everything I ask you, na wa ooo, so if Job comes now what will happen, abeg me I need the job now and I have been praying day and night for it, fast for it too, so when you go for the child blessing tomorrow pray that I should have the job me I want it now, and my God must give me the Job so I can praise him more….This was the point I burst out in laughter, I told him Sir Pee I don’t pray such prayers oooo, is an insult to God to request for Job, Wife, Husband, House, Passing Exams, car and others things, when we ask God for those things, we are tempting God, because God knows everything we need in life, and he gives us what is good with us, we human knows nothing, we are after request every day, if God gives us those things today, tomorrow we will request for another thing, and if God doesn’t answer that particular prayer, we will start speaking ill things against God, So requesting from God is a very big insult, so our only duty is to thank God for everything he has done in our lives for he will do more and he knows all our problems, if we request from Him it will make it be as if He is not an all-knowing God I said.
He got upset and said Pastor Nsisong, you mean requesting thing from God is now an insult? When the scripture said ask it shall be given, knock it shall be open and seek you shall find, why should now say requesting those things from God is an insult and should not be done. I told him, this conversation is not good on phone since you are using money to call me, he replies go on I have enough airtime in my phone, if it finishes I can load again because I really want you to make it clearer.
I told him, okay if you said so, I ask him have you read the portion of the bible that says “take no thought for tomorrow will take care of its self’ in Matt 6 Vs 34? Have you read the portion that says “In everything, we should give thanks to Him. What are you going to request from Him”? Have you read also a portion of the bible that says: But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do; for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
Be not ye, therefore, like unto them: for your, Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask him.” Matt 6 vs 7 – 8. Have you read those portions an several others, my brother God only execute His plans and not our request, sometimes if we request and it coincides with the time that God already kept that thing for us we will think that its that our prayers that for for us, No its not no one can compel God to do what is not in His original plans, before all of us arrived the earth God knows everything He will give to us till we die, it not our prayers, Requesting from God is insult, and if you have been doing it you better stop it.
He said so as you are you don’t request form God? I answered why should I do so, I told him when I was in secondary school my Biology teacher Miss Mary Ekpo, now Mrs. Mary Nkeruwem told me that 600 million sperm always fight to fertilize the egg of a woman and that anyone that federalized the rest of it will die off, that means only one (1) which is now me won the battle and the race, that time I won, I had no hands, no legs, no mouth and I offer no prayers for God to destroys the rest of 599,999,999 sperm so that only me will feterlized, but I won because had already destined that I Nsisong Eyo will win. I never request to win, I never prayed, I never cast and bind devil, so why should I come and be requesting now from God when I know He has planned everything for me, before my arrival so, I don’t pray such prayers to God, I only thank Him for everything He has and will do in my life, Good or bad, because our Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has taught us that we should thank God for everything for there is nothing that is evil in this world, everything works together to execute the plans of God and for His glory. And that The Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has taught us that a requestful paryer is an insult to God. I told him.
He said Nsisong you just made me lost, but I thank God for you, I told him that is the right thing you are now saying, always thank God for everything in your life, stop requesting.
He said Okay and dropped the call.