In the morning when I was about to have a little sleep due to the sleepless night we had last night at Akwa Ibom State CNCF Meeting held at Ituk Mbang, I had a knock on my door and I have to check who was by the door. When I opened it, I saw a young guy with a portfolio bag and a beautiful young lady with a handbag standing. I went outside to meet them. We are members of Jehovah’s Witness coming to announce Jehovah’s kingdom to you, please can we have your attention for some minute they request.
Having heard the name Jehovah and His Kingdom sleep have to leave me to a far distance, I gave them a seat so I can hear the word of God.
The girl began, my brother are you aware that “this WORLD IS IN THE HAND OF SATAN”? I bend my eye to the left looking in disagreement at the girl, though I did not say anything she must have understood the sign that am not in agreement with what she was saying, so she immediately added, let’s check it from the scripture.
Let us read from New World Translation Bible. Without wasting time the guy read it.
1 John 5:19 We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.

The sister continue, she said, my Brother have you heard what that scripture told us, it all started in heaven when a certain angel call Satan rebel against God and he was throughout of the heaven to the earth and from that day he has been ruling the world, that is why people are dying, suffering and bad things are happening in the world, if it was God that was ruling the world, people would not be suffering, dying and bad things won’t be happening.

My patience have tolerated this girl for that long at least I have allowed her to say her mind and what she is taught in her church. I now Clare my throat and seat back and ask her my sister you mean this world we are now, the sand, trees, human beings, sun, moon, fruits, water sea, and every other numerous thing abound in it, which was created by God is in the hand of Satan and Satan controls it?

She replies, Am not the one that said it, it is written so in the scripture so who are we to argue from the scripture. I laugh and told them, should I say you have miss-interpreted the word of God wrongly? The Brother now said we are not interpreting it, it is written so in the bible.

I told them can you also allow the Father in me to school you a bit, so that when you leave this place you wouldn’t spread these wrong teachings again? The sister tapped the guy to mute and let me have a say.

The Father started by telling them this, that the problem of man began from the day man fall in the garden of Eden, God was the original teacher of man, and because man sinned, God stop teaching Adam and from that day man started looking for his solution, this problem has lingered till today that you see another man teaching another man the word of God, A Man who is blind is now leading another blind man, at the end all of them will fall into a pit. The Father let them know that God is the only one to teach man and lead man into the accurate knowledge of truth. That is why He has come in this last dispensation to teach us right and that what I want to tell them now is directly the teaching from the mouth of God direct and not interpreting the scripture to soothe man’s thought as they have done.

The Father in me told them that, there is a difference between the word WORLD and UNIVERSE, then WORLDLINESS. That they were wrong because they mix up everything.
Now the word Universe is everything created by God seen and unseen, the planet earth and other planets, including the Sun, Moon, Stars etc. While the word  World can be referred to mean two things, which is Planet Earth and Materialism or Worldliness, as such the Whole Universe is totally and will continuously in the hand of God the creator and not in the hand of Satan, similarly the word World referring to Earth which comprises human, water, Sand, trees, name them is also and is still in the hands of the creator God Almighty, where as the other meaning of the word World used in that context of that scripture is referred to sinful lifestyle, materialism, worldliness, perishable things of this world, worldly positions, those are what the bible said is controlled by the spirit of error or evil which is called Satan, The Father corrected them that the word Satan is not someone’s name but anything or force which compel one to stop obeying the will of God. The Father also corrected them that the name of the Angel throughout from Heaven was not Satan but Lucifer, the Father told them if you mean transcribe Lucifer alone to mean Satan, whether they remember that Our Lord Jesus the Christ ones told Peter “GET YE BEHIND ME SATAN” was Peter Lucifer? Our Lord Jesus Christ called Peter Satan because Peter wanted to stop Our Lord Jesus Christ from fulfilling His Father’s will. So the earthly things which stop one to obey God instruction are satan.

I told them the evil intention by man to become politician for example in order to gain earthly powers, by all means, may lead him to killing is what we called world in that scripture. That is why you see today’s government and politics killing to be in power, you see people killing just to assume traditional stools, you see people fornicating to collect money and buy clothes, wear glittering thing, and other worldly and perishable things. This is a separate world entirely, the world of sin, world of excesses, and materialism. This is the kind of world controlled by evil spirit Satan, this spirit make sure no one obeys God, they make sure we will not heeds to God’s injunction, so that we will also perish, the Father in me told them that is why you see the Bible saying that the wages of sin is death, that is why people are dying, people are suffering because we have refused to trade the part of God, So that is why you see God decided to come physically on earth to salvage man, So my dear sister and brother change your notion that the physical earth plant, man, sun, moon, and the universe is in the hand of the Satan, For God alone and Him alone has the password to the world He created so it can never and will never be controlled by Satan. I rest my case.
They said ok, we will go and do more research on what I have said, that they will come back with someone bigger than them in their fellowship, I said no problem, but they should just know that the world which is the Earth is not in Satan’s hand but in Gods hand.
Beloved brethren we are extremely happy for what the Father told them because for us we have no wisdom if not the Father coming down to teach and lead us to this supreme truth. May he continue to teach and make us practice his words, Now forever more! Amen