I join a Mini Bus yesterday from Oron Road in Uyo, heading to somewhere. The Driver played a gospel song so so loud that we were disturbed inside the bus yet no one speaks out, I told the Driver please lower the volume of your compact disc, he asked me do you want to answer a call, I said no sir is too loud, on hearing that he mute and increased the volume the more I didn’t say anything again.
When I was about going out from the bus I told the man, am going out here, he was still going, I now shout driver am going out here. Yet he fires on. Someone tapped him and say someone is dropping ooo. He said till next bus stop we have pass where I can drop somebody. The woman told him but this guy was shouting for you to stop since. He started quarreling with the woman. I was all quite.
Finally, he stop and I come down, I told him, sir, the volume of your music has cause you to pass my stopping point? when I told you to lower your music so you can hear your passengers you refused. the man backfires, “Give me my money or I deal with you here, If you don’t have money to buy a compact disc you should not be upset with people that can afford it” I smile and pay him, and told him thank you sir.
After the drama, the woman came and asks me, Son! Why were you not upset upon what the driver did, if I was the one I won’t have paid that man. I told the woman No I have to pay him and I was not upset because I am taught by the HOLY FATHER Leader Olumba Obu that anger breed destruction. Anger is bad. It was anger that makes God to Curse ADAM and EVE in the Garden of Eden, destroy the world of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah.
The result of those curses God curse man is the reason Man is suffering today is the reason why women cry when they want to put to birth, Man toil the whole world just to look for food to eat. The result of anger is bad Madam.
I told her let’s assume I was upset and told him I won’t pay you, he would have come down and hold my clothe and that might result to a fight, before you know, someone might wound, it might even result in going to police if much danger is cause, and from there we go to court, if it warrants up to something that someone life losing it might result in prison term etc. But the way I smile I have succeeded in waving out several trouble and problems, because of what the Holy Father taught me.
The woman look at me and nodded in agreement and said God bless you, my son, you are really taught by God.
Beloved brethren today mark 77 years since the Holy father Leader Olumba Obu challenged the whole world since 14th Feb 1942 ” That anyone who will make Him get Angry He will give such person a cash award and a gift” Up-till today no one has succeeded in making Him angry.
Now the significant of this is that we have to resemble Our Holy Father Leader Olumba Obu by practicing what is good and eschew anger in our Relationships, Eschew anger in our homes, Eschew anger in our marriages, School, Bus, Road, Politics, Place of work and everywhere we find ourselves for our own good. As the Father bless All His Children Now and Beyond. Amen